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crockpot pepsi pulled pork recipe

Crockpot Pepsi pulled pork

What you need:

Picnic Pork roast ( i usually cook both pieces in the package for leftovers)
a bottle of BBQ sauce ( I used Bulls Eye in original)
1 can pepsi ( i used a little bit of a 2 liter)
Garlic salt

1. Turn your crock pot on high

2. Place your pork booty in the crock pot

3. Pour the whole pepsi can over the pork

4. coat with garlic salt & pepper (cover generously with seasoning)

5. Then pour half of the bottle of BBQ sauce on top of the pork.

6. put the lid on and let it cook for about 5-6 hours

Throughout the 5-6 hours check on it every once in a while and add more BBQ sauce if needed.

When it is done shred the pork...add more BBQ sauce stir it up and serve on some fresh buns or rolls!

(if there is still a lot of pepsi in your crock pot then take the pork out, add bbq then shred  in a bowl.)

NOTE: You can also use diet pepsi or dr. pepper!

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