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gingerbread wreath

I have been hard at work staying up til all hours of the night while the kids are all warm in bed finishing my Christmas decorations. For the past few years I have had the same wreath on my front door for Christmas. I was so sick of it and wanted a fun change. I used what I had on hand so it didn't cost me anything. Last year I decorated my tree with gingerbread girls and boys and candy. This year is more traditional I guess you'd call it. Tree is still in progress. For the wreath I hot glue gunned everything on. It's so fun and I love seeing it on my front door. I FOUND ALL OF THIS STUFF AT THE DOLLAR TREE last year!

So that is checked off the if only I can get everyone else's stuff done and then my tree! I'm up to my elbows in christmas orders! Curtains, reclaimed wood signs, and jewelry!

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