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Pickle ornament tradition

So the tree is underway...a lot to do today, but I wanted to share this fun new tradition that I am doing for my kids. It's the PICKLE ornament tradition.

I had been browsing through pintrest for fun things to do with the kids and I came across the Pickle Tradition! If you know me, then you know I LOVE pickles. So this was perfect for me and fun for the kids!
I told my brother about it and his sister (don't ask about how were all connected lol, lot's of marrying and remarrying) does it every year for her kids. So I was on the hunt for one....

 Last night at Target I found the pickle ornament for $3.00!!

Here is what the PICKLE TRADITION  is all about....

 The night before Christmas it's hung on the tree Santa does it secretly. And on Christmas morning when you arise, the first to find it gets a sweet surprise. A family tradition for all to share, you'll look for the pickle year after year!

Happy pickle hanging...=)


Unknown said...

Such a cute idea!!! Love the pickle.

Ashley Carrera said...

Oh I love this tradition Teryn! I remember my brother getting one at a white elephant game when we were younger and we did it once-it would be cool to do it every year like your going to do! I LOVE traditions and its so fun to start your own with your family!