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growing green onions

Here is a quick little tip that I found on Pintrest and tried myself...I PINNED IT & DID IT! This week has been super busy for me. A date with my hubby, taking care of the kids, getting tax stuff together, cleaning the house, laundry and trying to meet a photoshoot deadline for tomorrow. That means lots of NEW jewelry to be made! I will give deets later on what the photoshoot is for! Super excited!! Make sure to check out my jewelry... and become a fan!

Green onion tip!!
After using your green onions and cutting to the white, place in a glass of water and they will keep growing! When I placed mine in water they were only up to half of the cup. It has been about a week and look how much they've grown! It's amazing!

Try it and you won't have to buy green onions a lot.

Now I'm off to clean my house and create new jewelry pieces for the photoshoot! Let the creativity flow!

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