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Revelation on Lucifer // Take back what is yours + 2017

 As I was running errands and praying God started to deposit in my spirit some deep revelation on Satan and how he makes decisions for us if we let him. Whenever God shares something with me, I'll be sharing it with you with the green light from God of course. In 2017 I'm declaring abundant blessings over your life and with abundant blessings will come a shift for me. I've talked about it in the past and now I'm really taking it seriously and running with it. I'll be stepping out as the only DIY + Heavenly Realm lifestyle blog there is! If you love the deep crazy mind blowing things of God, creating an environment in your home for God to invade your life and DIY then stay along with my journey. In all honesty this is going to definitely be a journey for me because I have NO IDEA what God will do. I go back and forth between is this nuts or is this severely needed? For me, it's severely needed. I can't find anything else like it and I'm here to be different, crazy, and teach you! Where else will you learn about what Heaven looks like, how the Host of Heaven + angels operate in your life and how to make fun DIY projects?   Here is to crazy new beginnings, revelation and the love of God invading your home! 2017 here we come!

Lucifer was one of God's treasured angels. So much that he was the angel of worship created with the most beautiful music abilities. His voice actually created music with sounds layered with instruments and his voice that of an angelic choir. Not only was he musically gifted to praise God but he was the most beautiful. Adorned with the most precious and heavenly sparkling gemstones. Lucifer was also the only one who had direct access to step in and out of the Father to really understand God's heart. His beauty and talents are what drove him to want everyone to give him attention and start worshipping him. He deceived himself and 1/3 of the angels to think he could be greater than God. He CHOSE to go against God and because of that Lucifer was stripped of all of his gemstones, beauty and talents. The things he loved most. He CHOSE to give up the love of God for himself for eternity. He CHOSE to give up understanding God's heart. Because he CHOSE those things for himself DOES NOT give him the right to CHOOSE things for YOU! He can not choose anything for you! Stand against him, fight back and declare over your life. He cannot have anything of yours. Your health, your happiness, your joy, your money, your possessions, your family! If Satan has taken any of that from you for himself, take it back! He will have to give it back in an abundant way! You have been given victory over Satan but you have to fight with your words! Say this... Devil you are a liar! Just because you chose to give up everything you had doesn't give you the right to make decisions in my life! I'm taking back my happiness. I'm taking back my joy. I'm taking back my money. And Devil! You cannot have my family and our health! No weapon formed against us shall prosper! Everything you have stolen you WILL give it back 7 fold in Jesus name!

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