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How to Install a Light Kit for a Ceiling Fan // New Year New Room Part 2

It's Tuesday and that means we're on to the second week of the New Year,New Room Refresh Challenge! So if you're wondering what the Refresh Challenge is, check out my post from last week HERE

I've teamed up with some other fabulous bloggers and 4 sponsors for this challenge. We are refreshing one space in our home and sharing the progress with you for the next three weeks! How fun is that? Be sure to check out the other ladies ideas too at the end of this post.

Today, I'm talking about one of those fabulous sponsors! LampsPlus. Hurray! I've had my eye on this oiled rubbed bronze ceiling fan light kit for months now.  It is absolutely gorgeous. I walk into my bedroom just to look at it allthe time. I live in California where it isn't even an option not to have bedroom ceiling fans and they can be so drab looking. I'm a chandelier type of girl all the way. If I could I would have have them hanging everywhere. BUT, that isn't an option so this light kit hits two birds with one stone. A ceiling fan for scorching temps and the girly,sparkly,sophisticated chandelier in one.

So, with that said, let's get this tutorial started! I completely installed this light kit ALL BY MYSELF, except for my son holding it up so I could wire it. I made a few phone calls to my dad, sent a few pictures to him also for advice and then tackled it myself while my husband is at the Fire Station. If I can wire this baby, so can you! It was a lot simpler than you think. Even so, that I taught myself to install other chandeliers in the house!  

Ceiling fan
Ceiling fan light kit chandelier
Wire cutters
Phillips head screwdriver
Someone else to hold up the light for a minute

FIRST MAKE SURE YOUR LIGHTS ARE TURNED OFF! Here is what I started with. I purchased the Hampton Bay 52" ceiling fan from Home Depot without the light. I lived without the light for 4 months before LampsPlus sweetly sent me the chandelier light kit. My husband was beginning to think we would never get a light installed. Ha!

Unscrew the little screws that go around the cap and then take it off. Also, unplug the fan wiring. See the whote boxy plug? That's what I'm talking about.There will be the other side that plugs into it inside the cap that you just unscrewed and set down.

Now this is the bottom of the cap. Flip it over and in the center, there will be a little plastic circle. Push that out and pop off the bottom. There will be a hole with the threads for the chandelier.

Now unbox your chandelier. There will be 2 wires. A black and a white.

Take your ceiling light cap that you took off,place the that on top of the chandelier pulling the blackand white wire through, then twist around until it is snug on there. There will also be a washer and a bolt that came in chandelier kit. Put those and screw down on the threaded part of the chandelier to really secure the cap to the chandelier.

See the black and white sticking up? We'll be connecting those 2 to the blue and gray wire with the small white end caps on them. Cut the blue and gray wires right under those white caps.Strip off the wire casing, exposing the wire long enough to wrap the gray with the white and the black with the blue.  I didn't get a picture of it but I'll add it later today. So twist two right colors together and place an orange electrical cap on the end and then twist some more.

This is that you will end up with. Black and blue together, gray and white together. Square plug will be plugged back into the other side on the fan before you screw the cap  back on.

So, plug the white squares together while someone holds the chandelier up for you. My 9 year old son was a sweetie and held it up for me. Then you are going to push it up, fit all the wiring in the cap and put the 4 screws back in and then you can turn on your light and make sure that it works.


New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge Participants:

* I was given the chandelier light kit. All opinions are my own.


Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living said...

Teryn, I didn't even know this existed! I love it. I'm already envisioning where I'd put it. lol. Looking forward to your big reveal!!

Iris Watts said...

I think those lighting kits work wonders in making ceiling fans look better than they normally do. We finally gave our fan the boot, but before that we had changed out the lights with a schoolhouse lighting kit, and we loved it! If it had worked with the direction I was taking the room in, I would have kept it for sure.

Brittany said...

Oh MY! I've honestly never seen a ceiling fan chandelier before, but I have to say this is the best of both worlds for sure. Such a cool idea--can't wait to see it in the full space!

Unknown said...

I've never seen anything like this! Neat idea and it looks fabulous!

Rachael @ This is our Bliss said...

Wow! Who knew?! What a great update, Teryn! I think that's genius ;) So looking forward to the big day next week! -Rachael

Domicile 37 said...

Teryn, this is definitely a show stopping piece. I love is so fancy! It is nice to that your kids love to help their mommy, that is so sweet!

Sharon Williams said...

What a great solution to the age-old ceiling fan/chandelier debate! It looks lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished room next week.

Up to Date Interiors said...

This is genius! I was hoping something like this would come around. It looks beautiful. I'm totally doing this in my next bedroom. Oh, how I miss ceiling fans!

The Boho Abode said...

I never would have known this was possible! You are incredible and the chandelier looks great!

The Boho Abode said...

I never would have known this was possible! You are incredible and the chandelier looks great!