Restoration Hardware Inspired Rocking Chair with General Finishes Chalk Style Paint {Fab Flippin' Furniture Contest} | WILDLY LIMITLESS

Restoration Hardware Inspired Rocking Chair with General Finishes Chalk Style Paint {Fab Flippin' Furniture Contest}

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links. All opinions are entirely mine. 

Hi!  Welcome to my very first Fab Flippin' Furniture contest of 2016! I am so excited to be a apart of this amazing contest. Since this is my very first time participating I didn't know what to expect. Now that it is coming to an end, I've had a lot of fun, tried General Finishes Chalk Style Paint and finally, after months and months, gave my old, gross rocking chair a makeover! Nothing like joining a contest with a deadline to get a project accomplished. That was 100% my motivation for this project. I am SO glad that it is completed and looking pretty in my living room instead of an eyesore. 

The Fab Flippin Furniture Contest is a monthly contest sponsored by different brands. Bloggers enter to win some awesome prizes! Every month is a different theme so be sure to keep you eye out every month for all of the projects. If you are interested in participating in the contests check out the info you can e-mail
For this month, we teamed up with our awesome sponsor General Finishes. They recently added a chalk style paint to their line of paints and generously provided all of the participants with a quart of Chalk Style Paint in the color of our choice. 

 General Finishes website says that they offer award winning waterbased topcoats, waterbase wood stains, glazes and oil based finishes for your next home project. These wood finishing products are consumer friendly, designed for easy use with more pigment and depth of color than any other finishes on the market.
Now let's get on to my furniture makeover! The theme for January was "A Fresh Start" which was perfect for my disgusting rocking chair. I had bought it for $20 from a girl who does estate sales in my local area. I had fun shopping through her antiques after seeing the rocking chair posted on Facebook and picked up the little chair with good intentions. When I bought it,I was living out of suitcases and boxes while my home was being built, so it sat in storage for months and then after we moved in, it sat around for another 4 months.

After signing up for the FFFC, I came across this Restoration Hardware rocking chair and fell in love butnot in love  with the $949 price tag. I immeadiately knew that this would be my inspiration for my rocking chair.

I started by selecting General Finishes Chalk Style in the color LIMESTONE. It is a really light gray color.

I then gathered 3 different glazes. One black, shimmer bronze and  white  for antiquing. You can use General Finished Glaze Effects in Pitch Black, Pearl Effects in Burnished Pearl and then find something similar to a white pickling glaze. I also went to the fabric store and selected a few different fabric options to spice up the back with some personality. 
I ended up not using any of these three prints. I chose something else. It was extremely hard to find a floral print that I loved.

See the staples? Start out by pulling off every single staple on the chair. I used a small flat head screwdriver and some pliers. I put the flat head screwdriver under the staple and pried it up a little. Then grab it with your pliers and pull it out. Continue to pull them all  out. You want to do this carefully because you need the original fabric in tact so that you can use it as a template for the new fabric.

Now you can start painting! Grab your General Finishes paint and go to work!
I used a small foam paint brush and painted 2 coats. Let dry in between and then let it dry completely before glazing. 

With a chip brush LIGHTLY brush on the black glaze and wipe off with a rag. It will turn the limestone darker gray. Let that dry. Then go over lightly with the shimmer bronze glaze. Wipe off. Let that dry. Then go over with the antiquing white glaze and do the same. Let dry then it's time to work with the fabric! NOTE: The picture below only has limestone on it. I hadn't glazed yet.

Lay your new fabric on the floor and lay the old over it. Cut out around it.
Work with the seat first and do it exactly like the orginal fabric was laid on there. Take your staple gun. Start with one side. Fold the fabric under for edges and staple and other parts pull under the chair and staple.Make sure to pull it tight!

Now let's move on to the back. I decided to do the back a different fabric to make the very neutral chair pop. I searched everywhere for an amazing floral pattern but failed to find one. I liked how well the fabric that I did choose paired with the linen looking fabric. I also loved the light blue. I'm not super crazy about the birds but it will work! Now cut out the back! I had a little helper too!

I made my 2 year old hold up allof  the different fabrics so that I could decide which one to use. I love the first fabric but want to make pillows out of it and wanted more color.

I loved the little pop of farmhouse blue and my daughter loved the little birds so we choose this one. The good things is that since the back is on top of the other upholstery, you can easily change it! Fold all edges in and staple down creating a clean line.

See what I mean? I love how feminine it feels without being over the top. Don't tell anyone but my husband even sits in it. I think he may approve!

Now just add brass nailheads found at any fabric store. I placed them about an inch to inch and a half apart. 

You can check out also check out Stacy's project HERE and Evey's project HERE. They are the featured Host's of the contest! Be sure to check out all of the other contestants projects as well!

You can e-mail to be a participant next time!

So what do you think of my fresh start makeover? I really love it!


Domicile 37 said...

That turned out beautiful! Great Job Teryn. I love the fabric combo and paint color you went will.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! So beautiful!!! I want it!!!! Can't wait until the Spring so I can start doing projects again.

Mel |

Unknown said...

I have yet to attempt a large upholstery project such as this, your detailed photos with all the steps are an inspiration Teryn! Love the bird fabric and how you mixed it up, nice job!

DD's Cottage said...

Love your chair and impressed with your upholstery skills! great colors and fabric!

Seeking Lavender Lane said...

Wow! I really love this makeover...I like NEED that chair in my life : )