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Black Refried Bean Mexican Egg Rolls with Creamy Jalapeno Ranch Dip

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If your family is anything like mine, there is a lot of hype and game day ruckus every Sunday after church. My nine year old son is now old enough to root for his favorite team along side my husband and now it's the boys versus me and my girls. My oldest daughter likes to get in on a little part of it just because she wants to hang out with her daddy. For the most part, the girls do their thing around the kitchen and the boys shout and laugh. Whenever I think of game days, I think of my son shouting, "Oh, come on!" It's too cute.

Football games are almost always associated with a lot of food. Why you ask? Probably because of the men! That's my guess. A way to man's heart is through his tummy. Mix that with football and you'll have a happy marriage!

It seems like any big significant game day, we are always invited to go some where to watch it. Whether it be a friend's or family member's house. With being invited, it always great to take food to contribute, so lately I've been thinking of some new game day appropriate appetizers and today I want to share what I came up with.

My husband LOVES spicy. Like REALLY loves spicy. The kind that will have me running for water. My Mexican egg rolls are spicy but nothing I can't handle. I would say they are medium in heat. That's because I left the jalapeno seeds in but we'll get to that in a minute.

I've seen different types of egg rolls while scrolling through Pinterest so I wanted to create something different. That's when I decided to head to the store to find some inspiration since I will be taking food to my husband's co worker's house for the biggest game day of the year.

I headed over to my local Food4Less and browsed the aisles. I headed to the Mexican  and pasta aisle. I knew I wanted to make some Mexican egg rolls but I wanted them with a twist!

I then found some La Morena Pickled Jalapeno Peppers and La Morena Refried black beans. I knew those two would be a winning combination especially since they are a leading brand for peppers and have a very authentic Mexican home taste! Exactly what I was looking for. They also focus on quality and tradition so it really will taste like your mom's  cooking! Everyone loves refried beans but not a lot of people have had black refried beans!  That's when I got my recipe idea!

I then drove home and got to work to try out something new and experiment.. Just thinking about them was making me hungry!

 1 small can La Morena pickled jalapenos
La Morena black refried beans (the amount of cans will depend on how many you will make)
 1-2 cups Shredded cheese
1-2 shredded chicken breasts
1 small white onion diced
1 package egg roll wraps
olive oil for frying

1 16oz sour cream
1 ranch dip packet
3 La Morena pickled jalapenos

1. Boil your chicken breasts with chicken broth or bouillon cubes until done. Set aside to cool a little then completely shred.

2. Put the cans of black refried beans into a mixing bowl then add 1-2 cups shredded chicken.

2. Now cut up 2 picked jalapenos and place into a big mixing bowl with the refried beans and chicken.

3. Add the diced onion and shredded cheese.

4. Mix it all up and you're ready to assemble the egg rolls.

5. Heat up your skillet with oil.

6. Place 1/4 cup of the mix onto the center of the egg roll wrap. Then fold and roll like so...

 7. Fry on medium all sides until golden brown.

Now it's time to make the creamy jalapeno ranch dip!

In a blender, pour in, 16oz of sour cream, 1 ranch dip packet and 2-3 pickled jalapenos and blend up. If you want a mild dip add 1 jalapeno. I used 3 and it's hot!

Now this is a spicy recipe that all the men will love for game day snacks! Serve them with the creamy jalapeno dip for an extra kick of spicy!

What kind of appetizers and snacks will you be cooking up for the big game day? These are definitely on my list for all the Firemen!


Anonymous said...

This looks delicious!! I'm going to give this a try this weekend!!


Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living said...

WOW! This looks so good Teryn!!

Lois Christensen said...

Thank you for joining our Delicious Dishes Recipe Party this week. Hope to see you again next week!