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4 great ways to make learning fun for kids

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As parents, we asll know how important it is to set up our children for success. Whether it be with their confidence, health, learning to play with others or simply getting a head start for school.
There are so many ways you can start preparing your kids so that they are confident in what they know and love learning!

Here are some tips and tricks that work for my kids.
These 4  inexpensive ways get them excited about learning and they don't even know they are learning which is a win win for me as their mommy!

1. Dollar Tree work books.

These work book are great! For $1 each you can't beat that! They also have different workbooks for each elementary grade. My 3 and 5 year old kids love these!
concentrating hard.

Here are some examples of what the books consist of!
Tracing letters, writing words, circling pictures that start with the same letter.

                    My 3 year old writing her C's!!

2.Dollar Tree Flash Cards
These are great for learning and recognizing words and letters! The Dollar Tree has sight word flash cards, alphabet, shapes, colors and different math flash cards. My kids LOVE sitting down together and helping eachother. Even 10 minutes a day using these makes a big difference.
You can even choose one word and one letter a day for LETTER/WORD of the day and hang on the fridge. Constantly ask them throughout the day what it says!

 This learning website is AMAZING!
It teaches ABC's, Learning to read which includes how to sound out words, and then fun things once they are reading! This website has taught my 5 year old son how to read and sound out words! It really is an amazing tool that every mommy should utilize! My son LOVES playing it because it makes learning how to read into little games and shows then how to sound words out. He can now read simple Dr. Suess books !I could brag about  Starfall.com  all day. Even my 3 year old daughter loves the ABC's!

Kids can pick different stories and each story has parts of words that they learn and then they match letter sounds to the parts of the words then read the story!
This website also has some math too!
Best part of all is that it's FREE!

4. Leap Pads!

These LeapFrog LeapPads are great for learning and are especially wonderful when in the car, traveling or grocery shopping! My go to device to keep the kids occupied when running errands.
This tends to be more on the pricey side at $99 each but they are so worth it. You are able to customize each one specifically for each child's age. There are setting you can set for preschool, kindergarten and so on. Once you customize, you can hook it up to your computer and download tons of learning apps anytime!
The APP shown in the picture is called PetPad and it comes standard with the LeapPad. It allows kids to take care of their virtual pets and trace letters! My 3 year old loves it and I can tell she is getting a lot better at tracing because of this. It also teaches the letters too.
With this device there are endless learning possibilities!
Virtual books that teach you how to read and read the story to you, math, puzzles, shapes, letters, numbers ect!

Last but not least...
There are so many other great ways to bond with your child and teach them important things to prepare them for school!

-Read your kids a bedtime story to instill in them the love for books!
-While driving ask them to look for certain colors and shapes or count things. This will make the drive pass quickly and it's fun!

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