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making my way to the teen choice awards

I am so excited to be sharing this!! This year, I have the honor to be apart of the Teen Choice Awards celebrity giftings with my jewelry line, TERYN ASHLEY JEWELRY ! (doing the happy dance!) I am truly blessed to have the opportunity. As I filled orders for each celeb I  documented my journey through Instagram! Take a look and you can also take a look at all the other celebs that have my jewelry HERE

 Edgy Goddess necklace with Swarovski for Jennifer Lawrence

Edgy spike with Swarovski necklace for Kristen Stewart

Charmed Swarovski necklaces for-
Purple Ballet slipper- Shailene Woodley
Clear Bon Voyage charm- Ashley Greene
Pink lucky horse shoe & clover- Taylor Swift
Toupe Little Owl- Emma Stone

Blackened Swarovski Heart for Demi Lovato

Cross Dog Tag- Justin Bieber

Edgy Swarovski tassel necklace- Miley Cyrus

Note to the Biebs
Off and ready to be shipped!

Be sure to check out the Teen Choice awards on July 21!

Also, If your interested in ordering please e-mail me!

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