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wedding instagram style

First things of my husband's best friend's got married! My hubby was the best man and I was a bridesmaid. It was out of town so hubby and I got to spend a little time traveling together and then all the work began!

The wedding took place in beautiful Yosemite, Ca. The weather was gorgeous and fresh air. Can't beat that. Especially since I live in a valley where it has been blazin cheese balls hot.
It was a simple yet beautiful wedding and I was honored to be a part of it.

Brides dress and bridesmaids... blush pink sashes made by me
blush pink garden roses. some of the best smelling roses I have ever had the chance to smell. I need to plant some of these in my back yard!
Reception was fun and romantic

Wedding party & guests got to roast smores over the big fire. That would be my cute hubby in the pic roasting his marshmellows. I was loving the gray & pink on him...way too cute in a pink bow tie.

This would be my bridesmaid dress 2 days before the wedding. Let me tell you that this dress has be stressed way out. Had to find my right size. Got the right one 3 days before the wedding. Get it home FINALLY and let me remind you this is was FINALLY the right size...hang it up on my dresser day go to try it on and notice there is fresh dog pee all over it!! From top to bottom!!! The dog peed all over it!! ahhhh freaking out and had to hand wash hoping it would still look the same. The dress would just not let me relax. ever.

This necklace was made by Teryn Ashley Jewelry for the beautiful bride. Platinum plated chain, french Oui charm, Swarovski chunk, fresh water pearl and silver stamped disk with new last name initial!

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