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buns and not the booty kind

For a while now I've seen tons and tons of sock buns on Pinterest. They look adorably cute but I've never found the time to actually look up hows it's done.
 I've been looking for different buns. For some reason I've always been stuck in a rut of the same ol bun. I want something new. Something different.
While on Pinterest yesterday I came across a cute blog named Eisy Morgan.
Easy peasy hair tutorials and she has thick hair like me! Yes!
Here are 2 of her BUN tutorials.
Easy to follow, and you can do these buns too!
So here are some different buns other than the Pinterest sock bun!
 First up is the J.Lo Formal bun. I lovvve this! Super easy and looks amazing!
Then there is the Bouffant Bun. This is even easier and I tried it today when I woke up late to take my son to school. It was perfect and took less than a minute.


Let me just say that I DID NOT tease enough. Her's is awesome and mine was ok. I didn't have time to make anything pefect due to me hitting the snooze button too many time. SO no judging k?
Atleast I attempted to look cute. Even with the bedhead fly aways!

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Unknown said...

I wear buns quite often. Your attempt is adorable lady. The flyaway/bedhead look works. It's not about perfection! Rock it.