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weekend mani- mermaid nails

...Mermaid nails...
Here is what you need:
Ulta polish in Mint Condition
Ulta polish in Love Fern
Sally Hansen Super Shine top coat
sparkle flakes for nail from the Dollar Tree
paper plate & Q-tip
1. Basecoat
2. Paint pinky, middle and thumb with a few coats of Mint condition
3.Paint ring and pointer fing with a few coats of Love Fern.
4.once Mint Condition has dried put one coat of Love Fern on top of the 3 mint condition fingers.
5. On a paper plate sprinkle out some of the sparkle flakes onto a paper plate
6. wet one end of the Q-tip
7. place top coat onto ring finger and immediately tip your wet Q-tip into the sparkle chunks and place then on the wet top coat. Then do your pointer finger.
8. Once you have enough sparkle chunks let that top coat underneath dry.
9. Then finish off with top coat on all 5 nails and let dry!
The sparkle chunks look like mermaid scales and so sparkly!
Now girls I am starting a weekend mani link up! I know I'll start out small but hey let's network and get our blogs and nails out there! If you have a nail post from this week link up here!

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Kari said...

I love those sparkles!