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my beautiful ballerina

Yesterday my baby girl started her first ballet/tap combo class. I have to admit I wanted to cry. The emotions were running high. Simply because I can remember when she was this small...

She's growing up way too fast. Can time just slow down? Before I know it she'll be starting school, wearing makeup, getting a boyfriend, drivers license, and off to college.(sad face)

My little bright blue eyed princess had been begging to do ballet ever since she saw the episode of Max & Ruby where Ruby does ballet. So finally she was old enough and I signed her up.
I immediately became a paparazzi mom, snapping pics to capture her first day.
I wish there was a pause button...(sigh)


Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

You will have to let me know where this is at!! I wanted to get Hadley involved in something but I know like no one or nothing!!!

Vintage Romance Style said...

I will tell you all about it Wednesday!