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Motherhood moments


 Yesterday started off great and then had me frazzled.

Have you ever taken your kids grocery shopping while they are tired, cranky and a little hyper all at the same time? Then you realize every kid in the store is acting the same  way giving their mom a rough time? Ya, that was me. At least I know the other moms knew how I felt and could sympathize. It was bring your overly tired loud kids to the store day. I decided to go grocery shopping last minute. Kids had been playing outside for a few hours and were already getting tired, so I guess you could ask what was I thinking? My grocery shopping isn't just a "run" to the store. There is no in and out. Hurry grab it and go. There are lists and then having to find everything on that list, not one thing left behind as I check off what is put in the cart. So this "run" to the store take a minimum of an hour and a half including check out. Not to mention this grocery store always has tons of people shopping and are crazy most of the time.

So with kids hanging off the cart, multiple ear grabs, separation of the siblings, a little whining and a lot of playing and some embarrassment, I had survived the grocery store. I hurried home with very little time to spare. Change kids clothes. Not even time for a bath. Change my clothes. Put only the frozen and cold stuff put away and jet off to bible study. Can a mama get a stinkin break? All I wanted to do after all that was sit down, watch some tv and eat some chocolate while looking on Pinterest.

I kept my calm, was as patient as possible and didn't choke anyone so I guess it was a success. Just so glad I got out of there.... Alive.

Have you ever felt this way? Motherhood is definitely a journey. While there are ups and downs, I am so very thankful for them. I love them with all of my heart, would do anything for them. I don't want them to grow up too fast and one day I will look back on these crazy grocery trips and miss them.

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