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DIY Christmas Gifts- Pet Potraits Tutorial

Today I'm excited to share this tutorial with you! Even if you don't have a pet you can certainly find something cute to paint in the middle. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and had to share! Super cute, personal and easy way to give a handmade gift. Especially for a little girls room or an office space. I am dying over the cuteness!
 Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess
This project is a how-to for a pretty portrait of your little best friend. If you're not an experienced painter, don't worry. I'll walk you through the steps and help you create something really adorable!
Step 1: practice drawing you're pet. Don't intimidate yourself by trying to create a photo-realistic drawing. Focus on your pets most distinctive features and create a cute cartoon version! Since I have a pug, i chose the wrinkles to emphasize. It's a very simple character drawing, with an added bow.
If you try sketching your pet and aren't feeling great about the results, try tracing a photo. I have tracing tips posted here.

Step 2: gather your supplies. You'll need a canvas, pencil, acrylic craft paint in the colors of your choosing & black for outlining, paint brushes and glossy varnish (optional).
Step 3: Sketch your pet on your canvas with pencil.
Step 4: Paint the base colors of your design. Don't worry about details at this stage, you'll be adding them last! You may want to use several coats of paint on certain parts of your painting.
note: Sometimes it helps me to have an inspiration source in my mind when choosing colors or a 'feel' for my paintings. I had Betsey Johnson style florals in the back of my mind while adding cute floral details to my painting of Suki. It's also a good idea to reach outside of your circle to find inspiration. For example, while searching for inspiration for a painting I don't look at other painters I look at fashion or a scene from a pretty film.
Step 5: Outline with black paint and a small paint brush. After drying, gloss with varnish if you like a shiny finish!

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Yelle said...

Just found you from a linkup! I adore Elsie of A Beautiful Mess! Her DIYs are so cutesy, this one is great! So perfect for gift giving too!