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5 trendy Outfits for the 20 something mom (styled by me)

Hey girls! Today I am sharing my own personal style and giving you some new outfit ideas styled and picked by me!. This is totally motivating to me to update my wardrobe and put more effort into myself. Last year my new years resolution was to make some time for myself and do some things that I had been wanting to do. This year will be a little different for me, in a good way! So many changes and this year I am choosing to focus on my appearance more. Not in a vain way! Before Dec 2012 it had been YEARS and yes I said YEARS since I actually bought myself some new clothes. I had been wearing the same stuff since high school with the consideration that people would gift me cute clothes here and there but other than that... there was no shopping for me. I chose to put all my kids needs first and have been completely neglecting myself for the past 6 years. So this year, 2013 I am choosing to glam myself up! Try harder and actually let my outward appearance reflect the fun loving person that I am inside (even though I'm super shy). I LOVE clothes and I LOVE makeup and it's time to get back to buying some here and there. It will definitely boost my confidence!

With that said, I hope this inspires you to put a little more effort into yourself and love who you are!

Mint, Leopard & coral

edgy glam



                              Leather,denim, floral & studs

girly edge

Colorful & Casual

colorful & casual


Cross, jeans & flats

cross my heart


                                             Grandma goes glam

grandma goes punk


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