Award Time!

On December 23 (yes I'm totally behind) my awesome blogging friend Andee over @ Shabby Kitteh awarded me with
"The Very Inspiring Blogger Award"
Gee golly why thank you, I feel totally honored!
You all know that I talk about Andee quite often...  I just shared her amazing style file on my blog and thought it was awesome on her blog! Totally worth checking out if you need inspiration finding amazing outfits daily.
Heck, just check out all of her BLOG because she has tons of beauty & craft tutorials along with awesome recipes.
She also just posted this Boutique hair bow tutorial that is  amazing! Her bows are my absolute favorite! Hands down!
So with recieving this award I must follow the rules!
Here's the down low for when you recieve it...
Display the award for all to see
Announce your win in a post and thank you to whoever thought highly enough of you to nominate you.
Present this award to 7 other deserving bloggers and link them in your post.
Don't forget to head to their blog and tell them they are nominated.
Now post 7 fun random facts about yourself
7 facts about me
1. I love big sunglasses as you can see by the picture above
2. I haven't dyed the top half of my hair in over a year...I'll be posting about that soon!
3. I have a HUGE secret that I'll also be posting about very very soon. Can't wait to share!
4. I wear prescription glasses ALL of the time because I'm practically blind. Also wear my contacts but I've been lazy lately.
5. I mostly only shop on the clearance racks and there is nothing wrong with that. I love challenging myself to find an over the top steal. I also have an obsession with Target home decor clearance.
6. I used to be really into photography. Now I barely have time and my skills have almost vanished. Maybe this year I can try at it again.
7. I used to only wear frosted pink lipstick. Like the baby pink frosted kind...totally 80's but I still love it!
So now it's MY turn to nominate some awesome blogger gals.
Kaitlyn @ wifessionals
Dalayna @ pointing up
Aimee @ twigg studios

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Melissa Enault said...

awwww thank you, you're too sweet!!