Andee's DIY Style File

My friend Andee over at Shabby Kitteh can whip up amazingly cute outfits like it's nuthin. Heck she even looks hot picking the kids up from, not so much.
This girl knows how to thrift shop for amazing clothes and you can't even tell where she got them!
Her outfits are totally pin worthy...
So how does she do it?
A few days ago she posted HER SECRET .... her STYLE FILE!

Here is what she had to say about it!

Until Pinterest...and all you other awesome fashion bloggers.

I created a board on Pinterest called "Thrift store Fashion Inspiration".

Reason because I mainly buy 90% of my clothes at the Thrift Store and

10% from Target clearance racks. *personal preference*

All the Polyvore outfits and fashion photos had me seeing major $$$$

flying out of my checking account.

Let's be honest...I can't buy makeup and NEW pricey clothes.

My kids gotta eat...something.

Anyways...out of ALL my obsessive fashion pins on my Pinterest account came...
  I took an empty binder I had laying around.
Saved all the "pins" from my Pinterest account.

Copied and Pasted them into a word document and PRINT.

Ripped out magazine pages that have "inspiration".

Now I have instant access to outfit inspiration.

I have carried my Style File with me to the Thrift Store and pulled pieces that were similar to some of my favorite pins to recreate that specific outfit.

Basically this is my holy grail "fashion" go to file.

I even have some workouts printed out.

Makeup looks from some of my favorite MUAs.
Ok, how freakin genius is this!!?
Take it with you whenever you go shopping or when you are outfit planning pull this bad boy out!
I'm totally inspired to create my own! Are you?
Now go check out her BLOG and all her make up  tutorials and outfit inspirations!

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