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Mommy is going Pinterest crazy

I've  been having a problem for quite some time now. It's called Pinterest. Is there a Pinterest Addicts Anonymous? Because if there is, I need to join ASAP. I lay in bed at night on my Ipad and search and search to my hearts content for new ideas. Ideas for my home, outfits, make up, Holy Moly I just can't stop! Is there a pill for this?

While pinning and pinning and then pinning some more, I will come across amazing home decor inspirations. I stop and think OMGEE THIS IS IT! I am going to do this style, colors, techniques ect.
I fall in love....go to sleep...wake up and start changing my house like a mad woman all amped up an Pinterest crack. I start getting things where I "think" I want them and then I start searching more and then HOLY MOLY I LOVE THIS MORE! New style, new colors, new vibe! Cue the changes! This is a vicious cycle and it needs to stop! One day it is glamour, next shabby...

I am currently working on my kids/guest bath and my dining room...and I''ve finally made up my mind about the bathroom and that won't change, its my dining room and now living room vibe that I want to change! I have so many ideas and Pinterest isn't making it any easier to choose what I want!

You know you have it bad when you've bought 4 different pairs of curtains for your dining room and now you're taking back the forth thanks to a new idea. Not the vibe I'm going for.

Today my son asked me, "Mom, why do you keep painting? Why do you change everything all the time?"

Well, baby....Mommy is going Pinterest crazy!

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Anestazia said...

I'm a Pinterest addict too! I have actually fallen asleep with my phone in my hand and Pinterest still pulled up (looking at some wacky pin that my fingers tapped as they were falling).

I will say, Pinterest does help with my weekend grocery shopping because I have pinned so many great recipes! I've even caught my boyfriend on there... claiming he was looking at pictures of food.

Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium