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Finding your bloggin self & be proud

More often than not, we compare the homes that we live in to those on Pinterest. I must admit, I do this quite often and then when I click off of Pinterest, I'm left with an unsatisfying feeling. Like, where I live and how I decorate isn't good enough. Almost like down in the dumps kind of feeling.

The more I search on Pinterest, the more this feeling comes over me. BUT, then there is the totally inspiring feeling that overcomes me also. More projects to add to the lists. Inspiration and HOPE that maybe one day my home will be decorated as well as those amazing DIY homes are.

As for me right now, I am LEARNING to embrace my own style. Why do we have to have the same as others. Duplication is boring. Why aren't we loving our own things instead of drooling over everyone else's.

I am choosing to be happy with what I have, what I come up with and embracing my uniqueness. Would you like to see the same exact things in someone else's house when you are invited over?

We don't have to have perfect pinterest rooms, amazingly clean and organized spaces or even everything DIY.

It's OK. Take a second to think about it. It really is ok.

Wouldn't it be boring if every blog you stumbled upon had the same décor as the other bloggers?

Why compare? People come to your blogs for uniqueness. Something different from every girl writing and sharing their lives. We need to add our own personality to what people are reading and seeing.

Lately, I had been comparing myself way too much. I am learning to be OK with me and what I do.

We just need to have confidence in the design style we have and be proud!

So strut your bloggin self because nobody can be like YOU!!


Sarah S. said...

This is an awesome post. I often get sucked up in that mindset. I wanted to share some cute projects around the house, but I sometimes get worried that they aren't up to par for the blogosphere. I'm glad I'm not alone. ;)

For the record though, everything that you share from projects to home details is impeccable and aspirational! <3

Unknown said...

Love your thoughts on this. It's so wonderful to embrace and find out what your own style really is.