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I'm on my way today!

It's Wednesday yay and today I am on my way, traveling to something amazing!

 I want to tell you about something that I am blessed to be a part of! Cue excitement and nervousness!

I was 1 of 8 to be selected through my church, Celebration Church, to go on a mission trip to THE DREAM CENTER in L.A.

This is very special to me because God had been tugging on my heart and calling me to go.

I put my faith in God that it was His will and put in my application not knowing if I'd really get chosen but I did trust God and He made it happen!

The Dream Center is an amazing outreach that started with one man's dream and a word from God, and that man is Matthew Barnett.

He purchased a hospital in the heart of Los Angeles, Ca. and turned all of the hospital rooms into places where needy people could get their lives back on track.

Some of the programs and outreaches they have going on are rescuing girls and women from human trafficking.
I just read on their Facebook that they rescue and take in over 275 girls and women a month! That is a huge amount of women who's lives will be forever changed.

Also, they go out with buses and go out into skid row in L.A to take in the homeless and addicted.

They are then given a room and also are able to go through their programs to get off of drugs and change their lives. Then most of the time those who were once addicted and lost give their lives to God and work at the Dream Center!

Another thing that they do is take food trucks out into the community and hand out food to the needy and feed the homeless. They also take buses out into neighborhoods, show them God's love and then fill the buses with adults and children and give them rides to church.

One of the things I will get to do is go out into skid row AT NIGHT and talk to the homeless, prostitutes and addicts.

There are so many things I will get to experience and I am going to try to do VLOGS at bedtime each night and hopefully share with you guys!

There are many other things that The Dream Center does and you can take a look at www.dreamcenter.org and they also have a facebook. Just type in The Dream Center in the search bar.

This trip is going to greatly impact my heart and I am trusting God that there is something big in store for me through this opportunity.

I will be on this mission trip (my very first!) from May 29th to June 1st.

So, keep me in your prayers and I can't wait to share with you guys!

Love you all!

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