I survived

Just wanted to take a quick second to tell you I survived the dream center. It was such a life changing experience. I can't wait to vlog all about it. The VLOG is currently on hold because I woke up with  lovely red eyes from swimming yesterday. Hopefully visine comes to my rescue soon. I highly doubt you want to be staring at some stank eyes.

Today was the last day of Kindergarten for my son. Big fat TEAR! I still can't believe I am a mother to a 1st grader. My son's school doesn't have a kindergarten graduation. Totally not cool. Yeah I wasn't happy about it.

So let's cheers to SUMMER VACATION!!!

Tomorrow I'll be sitting by the pool because its going to be 110+ degrees here in fresno, cali.

Yeah, great balls of fiya!

So I hope you all have a lovely weekend and Monday I'll try to be back with a bang!


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