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roadside trash table to nailhead upholstered bench tutorial

Let me start out by saying that I'm a tad bit disappointed with how this turned out and it is 100% my fault. Totally a dork moment once I realized that I used the wrong side of the foam so it is not smooth and it has a pattern in it...I will probably end up redoing the whole thing.

Long time no tutorial! It feels so glad to be back in action. I've been busy doing so many things including projects and just haven't had the time to post anything.


I found the table in my neighborhood when there was a community trash pick up. I immediately knew I wanted to make it into a bench for my kids to sit at while they color and draw at the art area in my sons room. The bench needed to be big enough to seat the 2 of them since they love to do everything together and also so there isn't any fighting!

First I took off the table top,cut of the spindles with a little saw and then cut the legs down to the height that I wanted for my kids. I then cut the table top to fit and spray painted it black.

I took a mattress foam pad that used to be on my daughters bed....

I cut 2 pieces to double up the thickness and started stapling the foam to the table top. THIS IS WHERE I WENT WRONG! I forgot to flip over the foam so it would be smooth.

and I still wasn't paying attention...
Added the material...
then added nailhead trim.  You only nail it every 5 spaces so you get a straight line!
screwed the top on and added nailhead trim.
( pantless and Taylee is wearing a size 3 Santa Christmas huggie diaper (she wanted to be a baby today) while coloring. real life people! dirty carpet that is about to be cleaned and kids that needed a bath)
not too bad for something that was free... now just to re do the top to smooth it out. totally bummed.


Shelly HW said...

What a great re-do! Fantastic!

Mary said...

Wow that looks amazing! Nice job!