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Easy DIY Pallet Flag Tutorial

I can't believe it's almost the 4th of July! Time is flying.
Here is my super easy tutorial on how to make a pallet flag.
I made this one for an outdoor garden area but it can also be used inside too for décor!
One of these suckers retails for $125 at a local shop. Might I say rip off?
Why pay that much when you can spend NOTHING if you have everything already or under $10 to purchase some supplies...
1 pallet (I'll be sharing later how to cut up a pallet) Also I found my pallet on the side of the road
2 D rings for hanging
1 can of white spray paint walmart brand $1
1 can blue spray paint walmart brand $1
1 can red spray paint walmart brand $1
a star stencil or silhouette machine to make one
white craft paint
small paint brush
painting tape
start with your cut up pieces of pallet. I actually only used 6 slats.
spray paint red & white. 3 red and 3 white starting with red
cut 2 side pieces of the pallet and then place under the painted pallet slats and nail each board to the 2x4 slats. 6 nails on each side. After all 12 nails are in screw the 2 D rings onto the 2 2x4s. So one D ring for each side for hanging.
If you need help understanding check out my detailed reclaimed fence board sign tutorial
tape off 3 slats and make a square. spray paint with blue
I didn't get a pic of that sorry.
Then take your stencil or silhouette and trace a star circle with a pen.
Then I used a small paint brush and painted in the stars.
Let it dry and you are done!!
Perfect for the 4th of July or any day in your garden!

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