This week suuuucked. DOUBLE SUCKED. Can it be over already?

As I type this, I have loads of laundry to do, dishes in the sink, house needs to be picked up I still have to pack for camping and were leaving tomorrow.

Yeah, that's a lot to do yet I'm sitting here eating pizza typing away and watching one of my fave shows.

Wait. Is this heaven? I'm sitting here, kids are asleep. It's completely quiet and I can breathe a sigh of relief! Ok not heaven but it's a miracle.

Let's rewind to the beginning of the week.

New blender broke while making baby food. The whole bottom melted and I already threw away the box. FAIL.

Car started acting up and had to be at the dealership for a few days. NO CAR.

Hubby's air conditioner in the car was acting up so we ran errands with kids in the sweltering heat 100+. Had to take his car in and get that fixed before I punched somebody from heat stroke.

Lucy dug up one of my peony plants.

I didn't even get one second to sit down and relax this week or have a second to clear my mind. mommy is about to go crazy.


Then today....

kids fighting, crying, smacking each other, shoot me.

Had to pick up my car from the dealership. charged 72.00 over the warranty deductible. . shoot me.

running around trying to pick up the house. more cranky kids. getting nothing done. shoot me.

trying to pack for our camping trip tomorrow and I still haven't started. shoot me.


Usually I don't answer phone calls that I don't recognize.

I thought oh what the heck I'll see who it is.

I answered...

Hi is Teryn there?

Yes this is her.

Hi, I'm with Ace Cash Express and I have a Vicki here. You wrote her a check and I am just verifying that so I can cash it for her. We here at Ace like to call everyone first to make sure it's ok.

Vicki? Vicki who?

Vicki Vanhoosen.

uhh I don't know a Vicky. How much is the check for?

It's for $200.00

200 dollars! For what?

She said you bought some equipment.

Equipment? I definitely didn't buy anything from Vicky. I don't know her.

Then he proceeds to tell Vicky that I am the true owner of the check and I do not authorize it. It's fraudulent.

He then told me someone forged my name and Vicki signed the back.

I could hear Vicki there.

She starts freaking out.

Shes yelling that she wants nothing to do with the check. That she's walking away!

It's not her fault, someone gave it to her yada yada.

She said I'll give you the name and number of the girl who gave it to me.

I said wait a minute she just said I gave it to her now it's Karyn Ramirez who gave it to her.

THIS STORY DOES NOT ADD UP! And why wouldn't she take the check to the bank if she thought it was legit?

Why would she run out instead of calling the police herself because "Karyn" gave her a fraudulent check?

SO, I have to stop EVERYTHING that I'm doing. Put the cranky kids in the car, go to the bank and shut down my account. Open a new account, and write down every debit transaction this month and go through every step for fraud all while the kids had to sit quietly. Bless their hearts.

Then I had to go to Ace and pick up my check so the police can have it as evidence.

It was my exact check. Not a copy or fabricated one. It was directly from my checkbook.

Someone forged my signature and made the check out to Vikki.

How in the world did she get one?

So, police report has been made and I'm praying they get her.

So not cool.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a wreck. Hope these last few days have been better.