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Bright & Fun Succulent Planter Makeover

Things you will need:
spray paint
potting soil
old planter

Start with an old planter and wipe all the dust off. This one actually had a silk plant in it.

You will need one can of spray paint. I chose Valspar's Premium Finish micromist spray in Tropical Rainforest. It is a paint + primer in one! Found at Lowe's.

Then head to the garden section and grab the beautiful succulents of your choice.

I chose...
- Golden Sedum (Sedum adolphii)
Flapjacks (Kalanchoe luciae)
-Echeveria Azulita
-Blue Pearl (Pachyveria)
-Little Jewel (Pachyveria glauca)

Spray until fully covered and let dry.
Then fill with potting soil and plant your succulents.

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