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How to make an industrial rustic frame & typography sign for $15

TYPOGRAPHY SIGN FROM MICHAEL'S in the poster section. I used a few coupons and paid $4 for it. 
4 - 1x4x6 from Lowe's.
I found these flat L brackets at Walmart.
Measure the width of your sign/poster ( which ever one you choose) and cut on a 45 degree angle.
Cut the length of the frame on a 45 degree  so they will match up.
I then used Miniwax wood finish stain in Ebony 2718
I painted about 2 coats on all of the wood and let it dry and soak in completely before moving on.
Screw on the flat L brackets on each of the corners to keep the frame together.

Then use a staple gun and staple the poster/sign to the back on the frame. This way you can change the poster anytime you want!
I didn't get a photo but I used a picture hanging kit and used 2 eye screws and some wire so I could hang it.
 Time to hang!

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Lauren @ Bless'er House said...

This is awesome! Great post! I definitely need to go check out Michael's now.

Desiree @ The 36th AVENUE said...

Loving this project... I am featuring you tomorrow.

Angela @ Life in Velvet said...

This is gorgeous! Love the frame! So simple, yet looks so expensive. You will be my feature at Thursday STYLE this week. Hope to see you back this week :)

Julie said...

What a great project. And your room is stunning! That mirror...oh my goodness!!!