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Building a Dream Home from the Ground Up

This moment. This photo. It was the end. The end of a period of time that memories were made in this home that you are looking at. The end of pulling into the driveway to my "home." The end of the kids playing in that backyard. The end of cooking and baking in that kitchen. The end of hosting kids' birthday parties there. The end of Christmas morning here. The end of driving into the neighborhood seeing all of our great neighbors. The end of mopping those stubborn dark hardwood floors. The end of plants not wanting to grow because the soil wasn't right. I decorated it a million times. DIY'd to my hearts content. I brought my third baby home from the hospital here. Celebrated 5 anniversaries here and 5 birthdays here. My husband became a fire fighter here. This little  home made me a better wife and mother. I matured some more here. Beyond all of the things that were ending in my life that were connected to this home that I loved so much, this photo represents an end and a new beginning. A closing of a chapter only to start the next. It was scary not knowing what it was going to be like not living here. My whole world was within these walls, and most importantly, everything that was near and dear to my heart lived here. This photo is a still moment in time formed with pixels that signifies our leap of faith. The house was bare. No life remaining there. Memories packed. Nothing to hold on to. It was lifeless and quiet. The keys were laid upon the kitchen counter for the new owners and we shut the garage door for the last time and walked away. This photo is the very last photo and time we were ever at our last home. I snapped a few pictures, got in the car and rode away into the sunset with new hopes and dreams and a whole lot of tears. All I had was a dirt lot and two storage units. Talk about a leap of faith!

We chose to do everything God's way. We had prayed and looked at every model home available for a few months. Multiple time and in the city that my husband works for. Every time we would walk in to other model homes and drive around their neighborhoods it just didn't feel right, even though they were nice homes too. They just weren't "the one." The first time we walked into McCaffrey the staff was incredibly nice. We absolutely adored the neighborhood and the location. On that particular day in February, there was still snow on the mountain tops and the sky was clear. The location of that neighborhood has a great view of the foothills. That is an amazing thing when you are still living in the city! We walked through each of the models and saved the best for last. The one that fit all of our needs. We had sold our last home due to the lack of space and we needed another bathroom and bedroom. Oh and I wanted another house to decorate. Only kidding!

My husband slowly opened the door and I trailed behind with our three kids. It was gorgeous and it felt like home. Each one of the kids ran upstairs because what kid doesn't love stairs? They quickly chose which bedroom they wanted and asked over and over again if we could buy "this house!" We told them we would see what happened. We didn't even know how much we qualified for and if this amazing home was in our budget. Heck we didn't even know our budget! We were just dreaming! It really was craziness and a leap of faith! We truly had to rely on God. It was like shooting an arrow in the dark. We didn't know if it was going to hit the target. 

The model of course had gorgeous upgrades that are drool worthy. The outside of the house is one of the BEST outside curb appeal homes I have ever seen for being a tract home. It is not like the typical boxy houses that are popping up the flowers all around town. This neighborhood has immense character. Three different elevations for each model with many different color schemes so the neighborhood doesn't all look the same and isn't so matchy matchy if you know what I mean.

We strolled up stairs, taking in all the visual details. The kids bathroom, which will be my two daughter's was adorable. Two bedrooms next to each other perfect for the girls and they are next to the bathroom, even better. Now head on over to the master suite. Oh my goodness are you kidding!? Where can I sign my name!? The master bedroom is one of the biggest things that made us fall in love and get excited about this house. You walk in and are greeted by sunshine from 3 big windows and a windowed door that goes right outside to your private balcony. Right now, I can only imagine what it's going to be like sipping my hot coffee on my balcony in the cool fall mornings with the leaves changing all around me when I move in sometime in September. I'll be thinking, "Pinch me, I'm dreaming." 

Now walk into a big bathroom, amazing shower and a huge walk in closet. I could do cartwheels in there, but I won't. We then check out everything else, walked back into the office, said goodbye to Janice (which is amazing and helpful by the way) and got in the car. My husband and I then started driving the neighborhood looking at all the dirt lots, dreaming and smiling. We both turned to each other. I had a super excited nervous feeling and I told my husband that I had had such a great feeling about that home. He agreed and if I remember correctly he said that he thought that one could be "the one!"

I do have another post that shares more of our "picking the house" story HERE and it even shares how we were selling and bought at the same exact time! The post also shares the process of buying and building your new home! 

Now I get to share my brand new McCaffrey home with you. Literally from the ground up and what it looks like today! It is such a blessing. I can't wait to move in and show you guys all of the upgrades and things I chose to make my house a home.

Here is our lot after they broke ground, dug trenches, started the plumbing and made forms for the concrete. God really has looked out for us every step of the way. He played a HUGE part with what lot we chose. Sound crazy? Then what are the chances that we are surrounded by single stories and we are the only 2 story? Only God can do that! Both sides of us for a ways down and all down the row behind us are single stories. Thank you Jesus. I prayed that we wouldn't be catching eyes in the window next to us or even our balcony looking right at a balcony behind us. #FAVOR

Next they laid out the foundation.

They delivered our wood!
Then about 2 weeks later our framing started!! Here is a side view.

 Front view. Things were finally starting to come to life!

Now after this apparently I was only taking pictures on my phone and posting them to Instagram. You can check my Instagram and see those pictures HERE. Don't be shy either! Feel free to follow me and stay updated on everything I'm up to!

Now these pictures were taken the past 2 weeks. We started this whole house process in March so I am so happy to see it come together! Oh hello house!

Here was are as of last week!

See my balcony and covered patio on the right hand side!?

How cute is that bay window downstairs? I love the character that this house has!

I am in love and anxious to get the keys! Only 3 more months. I've been making my decor plans and couldn't be more excited. McCaffrey is helping make my dreams come true and helping to provide a beautiful home to raise my three babies in for years to come.

Next up is completing the electrical! Then after that is all done we get to do an "Open Wall Tour."

Would you ever consider building a house? What style would you be looking for?


Christine Martin said...

Oh man Teryn! I can feel your excitement! This home is going to be BEAUTIFUL once you get your hands on it! I can't wait to see! Eeeek!

Domicile 37 said...

Building a house is such an exciting process--you get to choose the location, finishes, and layout--it is a lot of fun and I cannot wait to see your tile and how you decorate this home!