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Target Tuesday- Threshold Home Decor- Industrial Rustic Chic

What girl doesn't love Target? I know for a fact that I could spend hours on end browsing every isle (because I have and do every week) and putting things on a mental list  to buy in the future. That place is made of hopes and dreams. Not only is it affordable, but it is filled with high end looking pieces at just the right price! You can have a gorgeous home and get everything you need in one place! It is definitely a one stop shop. I personally, get a ton of my home decor from there. Especially for my new house. If there is something I am wanting I first check at Target and then go elsewhere. Most the time Target always has what I need. Everything is on trend and beautiful. The perfect textures and colors for any style of home. Today I've gathered some of my favorite pieces that I'm drooling over for my new house. I like to call it Industrial Rustic Chic. Below I've compiled all of the links for you to check out and get the pieces for yourself to create this look. Every week I will be putting together mood boards using only items from Target. Hence, TARGET TUESDAY! Hooray!

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Unknown said...

Oh did we ever live without you! I was just there today and saw some ottomans that were only $39. They were in great colors and perfect for a media room for those that like to put their feet up.