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How to Perfectly Install Cabinet Hardware the Easy Way!

ALIGNright template
screw driver
drill bit
knobs (mine can be found HERE from D Lawless Hardware )
pulls (mine can be found HERE from D Lawless Hardware)
During my 1 week whole house sprucing up  before we put our house on the market I repainted all the cabinets in my home and added hardware! When we move into that house there weren't any knobs or drawer pulls. It was also outdated oak. So drab and no personality at all! The picture below says it all. It looked dingy and I was ready to freshen it up not only for myself but to help sell it!

After all the cabinets were painted and put back together, my dad came over and helped me install the new hardware perfectly. Since I was using farm house cup pulls I wanted to make sure they were  level. So how do you perfectly match up every knob and pull? It was amazingly simple because we had the perfect tool! 

Check out ALIGNright! It is a tool just for installing hardware perfectly! *Just letting you know I am not sponsored by ALIGNright! It was just really that amazing! You can find it HERE. *affiliate link*

It is a plastic template that helps you mark the spots for  knobs and pulls. That way you get it right every time. 

We took it out of the package and  grabbed the knob template which looks like this.

 Place it on your cabinets and take your pin and mark it. Then take your drill will a small drill bit and drill through your cabinet door. Then screw in your knob! Easy as that!

  You really cant mess it up. It squares it for you and just mark the same whole every time. We took a red sharpie and circled the the hole that we wanted to use.

Now take the pull template. Measure the drawer and determine where the center is. Then we lined up the center holes and picked which side holes matched up to my pulls. Mark those with your pen. Then drill and screw in your pulls with your screwdriver or drill.

A huge thank you to D Lawless Hardware for supplying my crystal knobs and and cup pulls! Be sure to check them out for a great selection & amazing prices!

You can also find me and all my behind the scenes pictures on INSTAGRAM!


Christine Martin said...

Ok. So a few things need to be said here. 1. That little tool is so nifty! Like whoever came up with that was a genius! 2. Those glass knobs are TO DIE FOR! Seriously! 3. This kitchen makeover is UNREAL! Like seriously...I cannot believe it's the SAME PLACE! So amazing Teryn! xox

Domicile 37 said...

I needed this tool back in May when I added knobs to my children's vanity. This is such a cool tool! I am still in awe over your kitchen is so beautiful, the new owners will appreciate the makeover!

Unknown said...

Those are the same drawer pulls I've wanted to add to our kitchen for the last three years. Thankfully, I haven't done it yet because NOW I would know to use that tool. It looks beautiful!