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Target Tuesday // Neutrals With A Pop of Hot Pink & Black

Isn't it funny how a store makes you feel? Sometimes it's nostalgic and brings back memories. For me, Savemart with always have a place in my childhood memories. That's where my Dad worked. He used to take me to work with him and I he would have me "face" the shelves. Anyone know what I'm talking about? It's where you line things up perfectly and bring everything to the front of the shelf so it looks full, organized and everything facing forward. Oh the memories. I know for a fact that my kids will always remember their trips to Target with mom. It will be paired with the smell of  salty buttery  popcorn in that distinct red bag and a white cherry ICEE on the side. Even as we walk thru the door my 2 year old daughter immediately asks for" Poc-corn." They know mom is going to treat us so we can endure the aisle strolling. I think that's exactly why they added  their food court. Mother's stroll the aisles so long the kids get hungry OR we need something to keep them occupied while we search for adorable things that we don't really need. They were genius is you ask me. It has saved me more times than you know. Or you could even say that you used it to bribe your kids into going with you. You know the times where you just  to to grab ONE thing. You tell your kids that you are just hurrying in and out. No fussing. They know better. You aren't just going in to grab one thing. One thing = we are looking at everything in the store. You know they are smart so you say I'll get you some popcorn and an ICEE!? They agree and your one thing turns into 10 and after an hour you're out the door. So popcorn for the win! Happy kids & happy mom.

So today I'm sharing some neutral decor with a pop of hot pink & black. It's good to not be predictable with home decor. Think outside of the box. Add in pops of color. That's why I chose the hot pink. It doesn't scream over the top girly when it's done the right way. Even your man would probably tolerate it! That's one things I appreciate about my husband. He goes with all of my crazy ideas!  Now off to Target you go, with kids & popcorn filling the car while you snag some of these goodies or there are 2 options. Shop online OR GO BY YOURSELF!!! That's a vacation to me and I choose the "by myself" option.
hot pink & black neutral

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