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DIY Rustic Industrial Dry Erase Calendar

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School has officially begun. Yippee! Yesterday marked the first day of third and first grade for my two oldest children. I still can't believe they are growing so fast. They started a new school so nerves were running wild.  This mom was a little sad dropping them off without them knowing a soul. They are great kids so I knew they would meet new friends right away. They came running to the car after school happy and excited for the new year and that made me feel so relieved!

With the new school year started and 29 days until I move into my home ( oh my goodness we're in the 20's now! We've been counting down since the end of February!) it's time for me and all the other school moms out there to think about organizing our schedules and our kid's school and sports schedules. Being a family of five, my life can be somewhat chaotic when it comes to schedules. My son just joined competitive full tackle football ( I'm officially a football Mom now!) and my daughter wants to join soccer. I'm going to have to figure out how to juggle all of my mom duties with practices, homework and housework. Not only all of that but all of my own things that I have to do for my blog and daily life.

I had been brainstorming of a stylish way to create a reusable calendar that can be placed anywhere and could be used as long as you want to. Something that would help me keep track of daily life so nothing will be missed or forgotten. I've been known to forget things a few times because I didn't write it down. I know you can relate too right? So, after thinking of some organizational ideas, I came up with a dry erase calendar with a rustic industrial frame, because of course it is going to have to match my home decor and be stylish while being functional.

After getting my creative ideas flowing I headed to my local  Walmart to gather my supplies. I roamed all of the aisles for a while and found the Scotch™  Thermal Laminator and Laminating Pouches in the Back 2 School section.

I quickly threw it in my cart and was really excited to see how it worked.

I also grabbed an 8x10 frame, flat corner braces, some Post It page markers and a pack of dry erase markers all at Walmart too and headed home.

I pulled it out of the box and plugged the machine in. Just a little tip, the cord is neatly coiled under the machine. I personally think that is a great way to help store it and cut clutter.

I then went onto Pinterest and also Google and found some really awesome free printable calendar templates. You can use the ones with months typed on them or write your own.

After plugging it in the laminator, wait for it to heat up. The button will light up a blue tint when it is ready to roll!

Pull up the little tray on the back. That is the tray that you will put the laminating pouch into like a printer, only it's not a printer. It will roll it through. Side note: See the blue light? Its ready!

1. Place item inside of pouch.
2. Insert sealed end of pouch into the laminator.
3.Seal item in laminator and enjoy!

Pull the laminating pouch apart at the end that is not sealed.

Place your printed calendar template ( I found mine on google) in between the top and bottom of the pouch.

Place the pouch sealed side down and let it roll through.

Cut off the excess so that it will fit inside of your frame.

Place inside your frame and put the back of the frame back on.

Now it will look like this.

Now take your corner brackets and your glue gun...

Add some hot glue on the back and immeaditely place them on the corners of the frame. Be sure to be quick because it hardens really fast on the metal.

With your dry erase marker, write the month and days.

Next grab your Post-it® page markers and write out all the things you need to remember for the month.

How incredibly easy is that project? It took me less than 20 minutes once I found the calendar template that I wanted to use. Scotch™ Laminating products made it very easy to use and came with good instructions which is a plus! The Post-it® page markers sticks securely, yet removes cleanly. They are really helpful to me when it comes to needing to remember what I have going on for the day. I now want to laminate a ton of things including my children's artwork. The pack of laminating pouches comes with 50 of them making it easy to do everything that you want to do.

 I've shared how I'm using Scotch™ Laminating Products to get ready for Back-to-School and organize my life! What project are you planning to use  Scotch™   for?

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