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Rustic Glam closet office inspiration

Today I'm sharing my Rustic Glam Closet Office inspiration and it makes me happy!

Rustic Glam office

Lately, my schedule has been jammed packed. Blogging, The Central Valley Today show (which I'll be on again September 1st) getting ready for back to school which starts today and my son's football practices and games has me left with little to no extra time. Today is 30 days until I get the keys to my new McCaffrey home. I'll be sharing updates on where the process is now and how close we are getting! It is overwhelmingly exciting. It is now starting to look like a home and not just an empty shell.

Since the beginning of this year, my blog has exploded with opportunities. It went from a great hobby and dream to my full time business and it requires an editorial calendar and scheduling. At my old home that we sold in May, you can read about that HERE and HERE, there wasn't a space of my own for an office/craft area. I had taken over the garage and I put a small desk in my bedroom. My new home will not have a spare bedroom but, I do have my own small walk in closet to transform into my office. We were given the option to make this closet the 4th bathroom but I needed an office! This office space will be crucial in running my blogging business. I am so thankful that even if it isn't huge, it is mine.

With that said, I have big plans for my small space. The mood board above is what I am wanting to create. Complete with an orb chandelier. I want it to be clean, organized and stylish, even if it is a walk in closet!  My whole house will be vibing with Restoration hardware knocks offs and inspired decor as well as some rustic industrial glam. It is going to be a complete 180 of my previous home. It's time to grow up and glam up. I'll be nixing the aqua and yellow and swapping those out for a lot of neutrals, weathered wood, nail head trim and metal tones. Maybe like a RH farmhouse. Can I just move in now please? 30 more days!

Also, tomorrow I am sharing a DIY tutorial for a great way to keep your kids' schedule in check or even yours and how I transform my hair from summer to fall!

Do you have an "office space?" What about a closet office? I'm curious to know how well they function!
Also, if you could have an office what style would your decor be?

Orb lighting
Blue table lamp

NuLOOM diamond rug

Wooden frame
$6,495 -

Gray dining chair

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