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DIY Back to School No Sew Ruffle Burlap Apple Banner & Video

Back to school season is officially here. Can you believe it? I can't! I feel like the summer just began. I had so many more things I wanted to cross off my to do list while the kids were out of school. Now I'm left with those things still on my list and the hustle and bustle of getting kids to and from school added to that.   I will have to set those things aside and go shopping.  School shopping for clothes, a fun back pack and supplies. As a kid, back to school shopping was my favorite. All of the colorful Lisa Frank pencils, pencil pouches, folders and notebooks, I especially loved all of her designs with the unicorns. Then there were the pens that had 20 different colors and 20 little tabs to push down to select the color. I was blessed to be able to get a lot of new clothes too. You'd have to ask my mom about our shopping days. I won't spill the beans on those stories! I will say that it was the most exciting time in a tween girl's life!

Now that I have children of my own I reminiscence on my elementary days while shopping for them and want them to be able to remember their school days like I do.  My mom would decorate the house with apples, little chalkboards and even make a back to school wreath for the front door. She created an atmosphere that made school exciting and something to look forward to. To this day she still decorates for back to school!

Today, I want to share with you my DIY back to school no sew ruffle burlap apple banner. This is THE easiest banner to make because there isn't any sewing involved. Just cut and glue! The different banners that you can make for any season are endless. *Watch the video tutorial at the bottom of the post*

Here is what you need:
Red Glitter
Green Glitter
Brown Glitter
Red Paint
Green paint
Brown paint
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Flat wooden apple cutouts found at Michaels
A Yard of burlap to make a 7 triangle banner and ruffle top (get the tight woven burlap)
Small paint brush
Scissors for paper & fabric
Cardstock to make triangle template

1. Paint 4 wooden apples with red paint, sprinkle with red glitter. 
2. Paint apple stem brown and sprinkle with brown glitter
3. Paint leaf green then sprinkle with green glitter
4. Let all 4 completely dry.

5.  Cut out a triangle template out of cardstock or cardboard. 
6. Use the template and cut out 7 burlap triangles.

7. Cut 2 inch strips 2 or 3 times longer than the 7 triangles all side by side. The ruffles will take up quite a bit of length of the strips. You can keep adding strips as you go and always cut more.

8. Take a strip  and place a dab of hot glue in the center of that area starting from the left side of the strip.

9. Pinch the burlap together  just in the center where the dab of hot glue is and hold it until it really sticks together and dries a little. It doesn't take long
 10. Now move  about an inch  or inch an a half down depending on how close you want the ruffles to be together and place another dab of hot glue. Pinch it again. Continue down the whole strip.
11. When you get to the end of your first strip, glue another piece on the end of the first one and continue on.

12.  Once you make the ruffle the length that you want (remember to leave enough on the ends to hang) place hot glue along the top of the first triangle.
13. Leave ruffle length on the ends and place the ruffle strip on top of the triangle and press down.
14. Continue to glue the ruffle on top of all the triangles adding triangles as you go.

15. Now hot glue on the wooden apples and you're done!

Find the tutorial for my FALL ruffle burlap banner HERE.

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Watch my video tutorial to see how I made this banner by clicking the link below!
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