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Chase Your Dreams: How to Choose the Perfect Blog or Business Name and URL for YOU!

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This is a sponsored post written for Name.Kitchen. All opinions expressed  are my own.

I love being able to share my personal experiences and stories with you. It allows me to connect with all of my readers and you get to know me a little better! Sometimes it is easy for me to hide behind tutorials and never really show myself. This blog has been such a blessing to me and it has helped tremendously that I chose the right blog name and domain for me! Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how I came up with my name and inspire you to create a blog or finally start that dream business you've always been thinking about!

A little over 7 years ago I started this blog. Can you believe that? 7 whole years! When I first started blogging it was under a different name but still this same blog. I started it right after I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. My friend Brooke had a blog and I thought it was a really cool online journal. This was before anyone knew what Blogger was! So I bravely jumped aboard and created a blogger account and published my first blog post. It was titled "New to This," and this is my exact first post...

So, I decided to finally get a blog. Corny I know but most of my family lives so far away so I thought it would be a great idea to keep everyone updated on whats going on in the Yancey's lives. A lot has recently happened and we have been so blessed! Two major things have happened this month. David got hired onto American Ambulance as an EMT and I couldn't be more proud of him. Another thing is... HUGE NEWS... Luke is going to be a big brother! I will keep everyone updated don't worry! Love you all!

That was it! That is what blogging was back then. Just an online journal and you would post little stories and tidbits. There weren't  any tutorials. Just personal things. Maybe a look into your home and what you ate and a  lot of stuff about your kids. Blogger had just came out as Xanga was getting older. Do you remember Xanga? I'm taking it back old school today!

Anyways, so I pioneered through the blogging world with the domain of That lasted for almost 5 years! Then a little over 2 years ago ( I have to double check that ) I decided to get serious about blogging. I knew I wanted to become a "brand" type of blog.  One that would be memorable. Most importantly one that just by hearing the name would represent my style and what my blog is about. So I finally bought my own domain and re-branded myself. That allowed me to take my blog to another level!

So, you're curious to why I chose Vintage Romance Style?

I'm sharing all of this with you because I want YOU to be inspired to go after your dreams. All it takes is a dream and determination. If you never give up and give something your all it will work out.
Quite a few woman have asked me how to start a blog. My first advice is to start with your name. Your name will be THE most important. It will represent you and everything your blog is about. It is how people will remember YOU!  My URL helped my blog  become more professional so I highly recommend that if you are considering being a blogger or business owner start by buying your domain name.You will own all of your content and be able to control everything that you would like.

Choosing a unique name will set you apart. That is why I love the future forward thinking of  Name.Kitchen.

It allows you to choose a not-com domain which I think is a amazing! So you're asking what is a not-com website? Well, after 30 years of internet stagnancy, you are now able to be unique and creative when it comes to choosing your URL.

These not-com URL options have so many benefits  including memorability, meaning and creativity. My advice is to really think about your URL for a while before deciding to jump on it. I wavered back and forth for months before finally deciding on mine. Kitchen powered by Donuts gives you the ability to create something fresh and new. It also helps your readers quickly identity what your blog is about. I could've even chosen VintageRomance.Style! How cool is that? So if you're a baking blogger you could choose If you have a photography business it allows you to create for example, Love fitness? LipstickandSquats.Fitness. Those are just a few example of the things you can "cook" up!

They even offer a naming tool to help you easilly find your place in the blogosphere. Another great things that they have is their I Am video series to see how other chose their perfect URL.

Here are some of my naming tips!

- When choosing a blog name you want to make sure that it would sound great as a business name too. If you are going to monetize it and make money you will need the perfect name.

-Make sure it is something that won't go out of style and will stay classic.

-Your name is also a great way to be unique and it never will get old.

-Choose a URL that you won't regret later in life.

-Take some time to think about it. Don't jump on the first idea that you get.

-Play with words. Look up different words in the  Thesaurus

-Think of what your business or blog is going to be about.

-Don't put yourself in a box. If you aren't wanting to stick to just recipes you will want a URL that will allow you to do more.

Ready to create your perfect URL and start chasing your dreams? Claim your URL HERE today!

This is a post Sponsored by Name.Kitchen written on my behalf. All opinions expressed are my own. 


Unknown said...

I struggled so much with this and I actually just changed mine to my name recently! It's hard but you have to pick what feels true!

Jess Loves This Life said...

Great tips! I totally agree with being careful about not choosing something you'll regret later. I don't regret what I chose, but sometimes I wonder if I should have just done my name to make it more professional. The struggle!! Haha :)

Unknown said...

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