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DIY Simple Fall Burlap Wreath tutorial & video

It's almost Happy Fall Ya'll! Well, close enough right?  It's a little less than a month away and pretty much all of the stores have all of their Halloween and Fall decor out as well as some Christmas! If they are already putting Christmas decor out then I don't feel bad for thinking about Fall! It only helps those like me feel justified in our early decorating every year.You know that we only do that because we want to enjoy the feel of fall longer and we are hoping it will help it come to pass more quickly. Like I said in my previous post, there is just something about fall that makes me happy. I'm looking forward to the candles,chunky sweaters, boots and drinking my pumpkin spice coffee in the cool mornings. Also, as  soon as fall is here,I'll be moving in to my McCaffrey home. You can read about that here! I'll be updating the process of my home this week! In the mean  time, today, I'm sharing my DIY Fall burlap wreath tutorial. I absolutely  love the looks of these bubbled burlap wreaths but not their price tags. Especially when looking on Etsy. So I wanted to show you how you can get the same look for less!If you are local,be sure to catch this tutorial on my DIY segment  on KSEE24 The Central Valley Today! **You can watch me explain how I make  the wreath ON THE VIDEO TUTORIAL LINK AT THE VERY END OF THIS POST.**


Glue Gun & glue sticks
Pipe cleaners
Fall leaves from any craft store or Dollar Tree
Accent Ribbon. Mine is from Michaels . 2 inches wide
Wire wreath form from Walmart. 18 inches
2 packs of burlap ribbon 5.5 inches x 30ft found at Walmart or Michaels.

 Grab the very end of the burlap ribbon.
Place under one wire.
Now go up the other side of that same wire so that it looks like this.
Now make a secure knot and you are ready to start!

Flip the ribbon  towards the wires to start creating your first loop.
Where I am pinching it together that is where you are going to push it under a wire.

Pull through leaving the a loop on each side.Now adjust the loops.

 See what I mean? It's really hard to show the process in pictures. Just wait  for the video!
Now push/slide the burlap loops up squishing them together and keep making loops.After every few loops push up again to make room for more.

This is what it should look like as you keep going on. Never cut your burlap. Keep it all in one continuous piece until you reach the end.
This is what you will end up with when you get all the way around the metal wreath form. Secure the end piece of the very last loops with a pipe cleaner.You'll see what I'm talking about in a second.

This is what the back of the wreath will look like.

Now take the end of  your accent ribbon and cut a piece of pipe cleaner. Twist around the end. You are going to use the piece of pipe cleaner to attach it to the wreath. This is the way you will attach the very last  loop to the wire form.

wrap the pipe cleaner around one  of wires and twist it around. This will secure the start of your accent ribbon. * Coming soon! Watch the video below to see how I do it*

After the end is sure move about 6 inches and place another piece of pipe cleaner  around the ribbon attach down again but make sure to bubble it up a little. Keep going...

This is what your accent ribbon "bubbles" should look like. Keep going until you go all the way around and secure like you did to start it.

This is the completed accent ribbon.

Take a little chunk of fall leaves off of the stem that it came on and hot glue it where the accent ribbon is secured down.Keep going around. I place them every few loops.Then you are finished! You can  also, attach a piece of pipe cleaner to the back creating a loop to hang it on your front door.

Was it easy enough to understand? Will you be making one? I'll definitely be making more now that I know that they are so easy! HERE IS THE VIDEO TO SEE HOW I CREATE THIS WREATH! CLICK THE LINK BELOW.
Ring in the fall season with a burlap wreath! - Story | YOURCENTRALVALLEY


Unknown said...

Well that is just adorable! And you make it seem very doable.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful wreath! I loved the tutorial too; you make it look so easy! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Dream. Create. Inspire. Party. I've pinned and shared and would love to have you join us again tonight.

Melissa French - The More With Less Mom said...

So pretty and so cheap to make! Thanks for posting. Hello from Share the Wealth Sunday.