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Choosing the Right Couch for My Family & How to Choose Yours

For the past  few months I have been searching high and low for a new couch for my new living room. I've realized that I have VERY high standards when purchasing a main piece of furniture for my home. I also believe that it's OK to be picky! You are spending a lot of money and a couch is something your family is going to use everyday. I also won't be getting another couch for a long time, so this time  I do not want to settle for something that I'm not in love with.

I checked out a few places around my town and found two couches that I LOVE in two different stores. Lets talk about each one shall we because TODAY I am officially purchasing one and at this moment I still do not know which one I will get and it's making me go crazy. 

My new  home will close escrow September 23rd! I haven't seen the interior of my home completed yet so this couch dilemma is serious. I can only envision what it will look like with the colors that I chose. I just hope that I don't chose the wrong couch for the space because I'm going 100% off of a guess and my heart here.

So let's get to chatting about these couches! If you really know me,then you know that I love to analyze furniture. The materials, the curves, the stability to colors. Finding a quality piece is important. Is there such things as Furniture Anonymous? I really love the design of furniture!

TOP COUCH in the photo above: I love the stylish legs. I love the linen looking material and color. I love the double nail head trim on the arms and back behind the back cushions. This couch also has a modern feel to the look of the cushions. To me they are more streamlined than big and puffy. Obviously my two year old daughter approves of this one. She's become quite the little furniture shopper. This couch would have to withstand family movie nights at my home because they are a must for us! This couch is also  completely customizable. I can choose the color and material of the entire couch and pillows.So if I wanted to make this one into a gray velvet couch, I could!

MIDDLE COUCH: I love that it's gray velvet and will hide dirt! I don't love the pillows and would change those out. I'm afraid that it would make my space feel smaller because it is darker... My least favorite but it's still pretty!

BOTTOM COUCH in the photo above: I've gotten a lot of people  rooting for this one on my instagram . Everyone loves that it has a chaise. I love that my kids can lay there and watch a movie with their feet out and a big blanket. I won't be using the yellow pillows that come with it. I'd be swapping them out for some new ones. My husband could even lay there and watch sports if I let him. Only kidding, he's buying me the dang thing! God love him. I love the nail heads on this one and the big pillows. I love that it looks inviting and like we can hang out on it. I also, wouldn't be getting the ottoman. I'll be putting a coffee table there instead and I'll be using my gray rug with it. This sectional is actually a more tan color. 

Things I'm considering when buying a couch:

1. Does it fit my space?
2. Can my kids lay on it without me being worried all of the time?
3. Can we eat Popcorn on it? Movie night, duh!
4. Can my family of 5 fit comfortably?
5. Does it fit my style?
6. Does it fit the style of the home?
7. Does it flow in my color scheme?
8. Is it sturdy?
9. Is it well made?
10. Will the color show every spec of dirt?
11. Can we really use it and live on it without it looking frumpy fast?
12. Do I love it?
13. Can I live without it?
14. Is is squishy and comfortable?
15. Can I imagine myself watching a movie cuddled up on it?
16. Will it fit my family even as the children grow?
17. Can guests sit comfortably too?

Wow, that is a lot of things that I'm considering! That's why I said I'm being really picky. I want the feeling of THATS THE ONE! One that I am in love with and would regret not buying or walking away from. Kind of like a wedding dress. Call me crazy but it's that important! It really needs to fit my family's needs.

Now, Here are my tips for things to do when shopping for a new couch...

Go to as many furniture stores that you can.A lot of the time they carry the same furniture at different prices. Find the one with the lowest price.

Take pictures of all of the couches that you are in love with and take pictures of the price tags.If you see another at a store, show the sales guy and tell them that you can get that similar  couch for less somewhere else and see if they will beat that price.

Get the name of the brand of the couch and google it. Look up reviews and the quality. Look at pictures of it in people homes on google. You don't want to purchase one and all the reviews say that it breaks down fast.

Sit on the couch! It can look gorgeous but feel like a rock! 

Do your research! Compare prices and get reviews.

Make sure it fits your families needs, your checklist,and your budget.

Pay cash if you can. If you finance you will end up paying more.

You can catch furniture on sale. Especially during Labor day weekend!

If your children cannot enjoy it, then it isn't the couch for your family. A home is meant to be lived in. Not a museum. A place to create memories and my new couch is something I want to create memories on. From cuddles to kisses, rocking my toddler to sleep or comforting them when they are sick while watching cartoons. This couch has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to my family. That is the real reason why I am so picky.

I'll update you guys on the one that I did choose! As you can tell, my decision is a tough one!

 Which couch would you choose, top of bottom? How did you choose your couch? Have you survived a light colored couch with children? 

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