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Toddler Restoration Hardware Inspired Bedroom

Today I want to share my  2 year old daughter's Restoration Hardware inspired bedroom for the new house. Well I mean the design board that I created. I will be so happy when we move in  completely, finally get settled and I can attack that house with decor. I seriously lay in bed at night thinking of all the possibilities and how I want to decorate.Coming up with a "vision"and actually executing that vision correctly are two different things. I created this design board for goals, colors and the overall look that I am going for. Yes she is only two and you are probably thinking that this is over the top. There's no such thing as over the top in my book! Just fancy!

Belle's RH inspired bedroom

At the beginning of this year I received my very first Restoration Hardware catalogs.I would be lying if I said that I wasn't as excited as Christmas morning. I flipped through them quickly and my eyes grew bigger. Why hadn't I ordered these sooner? I then grabbed the children's catalog and my eyes grew even bigger! Holy moly these kids' rooms are stunning.Sophistication, glamour, old world charm, elegance and comforts is how I would describe them and that is exactly everything that I want for my precious baby girl. I want to create a room that she can grow with. You can spend a small fortune on creating a bedroom for your child decked out with their favorite "right now" character only  for them to come to you months later and tell you that Cinderella isn't cool anymore and now they want a Frozen bedroom. Kids change their characters like they change their mind  on what foods they love. It almost daily unless you hit a streak of obsession. For instance, my toddler has an on going obsession with Peppa Pig! My oldest daughter loves Shopkins and my son loves Jurassic Park, Legos guys and army stuff. By the end of the year this love of characters will be gone and they will be on to the next hottest thing. That is why that doing a beautiful non themed bedroom for your child is worth the investment. It doesn't have to be neutral  colors and boring. It can still be bright and fun if that is the look that you want. Kids' rooms can be amazing and fun without characters.

What little girl wouldn't want a room fit for a  princess? Now don't get me wrong, there  will be toys, and other fun stuff in her room. I have some fun things planned and with time I'll be sharing each project with you.

Now let's break down my plans!

BED- I found a gorgeous detailed headboard on the side of the road that is in excellent condition. I will be painting that a cream color. One of my sweet friends miraculously had the matching foot board!! She didn't want it and gave it to me, so now my daughter has a complete bed! What are the odds of that?! Random roadside trash finds its match!

BEDDING- I found a blush pink comforter from Target. I also found a beautiful blush pink quilt at Stein Mart with a matching Euro sham and will be adding some gray pillows and a cute bed skirt.

CURTAINS- Gray velvet from floor to ceiling. I want them  to look luxurious and also block out light for nap time during the day.

RUG- cream shag or fur rug.

DRESSER- I will be re painting the dresser that she already had. I want it to have an old wood look and I'll be changing out the knobs too from D.Lawless Hardware.

CANOPY- I REALLY want to purchase or DIY the RH crown canopy

MIRROR- I'm going to  re paint the cute mirror that she has with an old worn look.

WALL ART- One thing that I want to DIY is a big distressed sign with a quote or scripture.

FOR FUN- I'm still  figuring toy storage and I'm reupholstering an antique rocking chair for reading.There will also be other fun stuff too. I just need to move all of the furniture into the room first and then I can decide what else will fit!

Have you recently decorated your toddler's bedroom? What colors did you use? My toddler LOVES the color pink! I didn't want it to be pink everything so I did it in an elegant way and most importantly with pink bedding!

What creative toy storage solutions have you used or created? I'd love to hear!

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