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2 Gift Giving Ideas for the Less Fortunate during Christmas

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Every year, my little family and I always choose to bless someone else during Christmas. Whether it be big or small we were blessed to be a blessing to others. That is my mission and I stand by it. Most years, we chose to select a Christmas Tree Star child where you choose a hanging star on the tree at the mall or like us at church. On the star it says the child's name, age, clothing sizes and the one thing they really wish they could have for Christmas. Whatever star you choose, you buy them exactly what they wanted and an article of clothing. It simply breaks my heart into pieces when I actually sit down and think that the gifts that I give to that child are the only things they will be getting for Christmas. Then I look over at my own tree  overflowing with gifts underneath and sigh with a heavy heart. I wish I could buy every child everything their heart desires just to see a smile on their face. I also, can't imagine the heartbreak as a mother knowing that I couldn't provide those gifts for my children. So, with my giving forward Christmas initiative, I'm sharing with you two of my gift giving ideas for the less fortunate that include chocolate!

Now your asking why am I talking about chocolate?  It is such a versatile gift that can be given to anyone. It also sparks so much within our hearts. Chocolate is really more than just something sweet. There are also unique ways to give it. That's why I'm here to share the ideas of blessing someone else with some GODIVA!

Since, Thanksgiving ended a few days ago, Christmas is in full effect. Like full on halls decked effect. The days will fly by and Christmas Eve will be here before we know it. That's why I'm starting early with my Christmas giving initiative so I can have more time to give to more people. As I was roaming the aisles of Walmart, looking at all of the decor, candy, gifts and candles that I don't need, I came across a box of GODIVA assorted  chocolates. I quickly placed them into my shopping cart. Seeing that gorgeous box inspired me. I immediately thought of two kinds of gifts to create and I couldn't wait to get home to get started.

// Gift idea #1... Single struggling Mother gift basket //

I rounded up a few festive home decor items, a handmade calligraphy coffee mug (tutorial coming next week) and coffee. Let me break down what is included.
-A fresh Rosemary plant to cook with
-A plaid deer pillow
-A box of GODIVA assorted chocolates from Walmart
-A cute wire basket
-A jar of sugar
-A jar of fresh coffee beans
-2 Christmas place mats

I chose these items because they are for her. She will be trying her hardest to supply what her children need and will neglect to buy things for herself. She will be able to drink some coffee in her new handmade with love cup while eating her chocolate. The handmade cup with remind her that there are good people in the world that do care about her. Chocolate also makes us feel happy and she'll be able to share them with her children. Coffee and GODIVA chocolates are my two favorite things together!

// Gift idea #2 ... Homeless woman gift idea //

Recently I read an idea of filling a purse filled with necessities and having it readily available to give to any homeless woman you drove by. I absolutely LOVED the idea. So for my second gift giving idea, I filled an older purse of mine that was in like new condition. Here is a list of what I included...
-A beanie
-A pair of warm gloves
-A scarf
-A box of GODIVA chocolates for a treat from Walmart
-Women's necessities
-A small bottle of shampoo & conditioner
-Small body spray
-Warm socks

Now I will keep my purse available for when I see someone that tugs on my heart to give it to. The world needs more  acts of kindness to outweigh all that is going on. It starts with one person and that one person can be YOU.

Can you imagine how much you could brighten up someone's day with a little bit of chocolate and a whole lot of thoughtfulness and love? That is what Christmas and life is all about!

Visit Walmart this holiday season for GODIVA Chocolate Gift Boxes. Available in three 9PC varieties and also a 15PC Dark All-of-a-Kind. (while supplies last)

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