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Creamy Vegetarian Rosemary Garlic Mushroom Rice Soup

It's starting to get really chilly where I live and I started thinking that I needed to round up some new soup recipes to help warm my family up and that are easy to make. Two days ago my daughter came down with a 24 hour stomach bug so I thought what better time to make some new soup in my new kitchen!

While browsing good 'ol Pinterest, I came across this recipe from Wine & Glue. It sounded so yummy and I had everything that it called for. I adapted my own recipe from her's and it came out great. As I have been in full on Christmas decorating mode, I made this soup with ease as I carried in boxes and tended to my sick girl. In all honesty she didn't even eat any because she was so sick, and my husband hates mushrooms. Like HATES. So it was up to my toddler and I to eat it, which was fine by me. All for me, none for you. (giggles)
I will say that my toddler couldn't get enough of it which made my mushroom loving self very happy. I've been trying to convince my kids for years that they should be team mushroom since I'm the only one that loves them. 
One time, while on a date with my husband at a local Japanese Tepan Yaki Steakhouse, I placed a mushroom on my fork and turned to him. I said here taste this. Without looking he took a bite, then realized it was a mushroom and spit it out. Ever since then he doesn't trust me with mushrooms. It's quite funny! He even brought this story up to me last night. Traumatized much? 

//Creamy Vegetarian Rosemary Garlic Mushroom Rice Soup//
1- 16oz package baby bella mushrooms (that's portebella in mushroom lingo) OR any kind you like
3 cloves garlic cut up
1/3  half yellow onion diced
5 TBSPs butter
4 TBSPs flour
2 cups milk. Mine was 2%
3 cups chicken broth. (I used 2  Knorrs bouillon cubes which makes 4 cups broth)
2 cups instant brown rice
Fresh Rosemary
Garlic Salt
Garlic Powder

1. In a large pot place 2 TBSP butter, cut up garlic, mushrooms and diced onion & rosemary. Saute until done.
2. During that time place your instant brown rice in the microwave until done. Follow the package.
3. Pour the the buttery mushroom mix into a bowl.
4. Now drain the butter from that bowl back into the pot.
5. Add the rest of the butter about 3 TBSP and turn on low
6. Whisk in 4 TBSP flour to make a paste.
7. Slowly whisk in milk.
8 Then chick broth.
9. Add garlic salt, pepper, garlic powder and more rosemary to taste.
10. Add in the mushroom mix and rice to pot.
11. Let simmer for 20 minutes.
12. Serve hot with fresh rosemary sprinkled on top.

I even had enough for left overs and enjoyed them today! I will say that the more rice you add in, the thicker the soup will be. Over time the rice will soak up the broth. If you are wanting leftovers add more broth. My soup kinda became more  like a casserole over 2 days.


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