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DIY Woodsy Country Glam Heart Stump Wedding Cake Stand

The wait is finally over! This past Saturday, my sister got married and I DIY'd the entire wedding! So this tutorial is going to kick off a series of wedding DIYs just in time for the wedding season! So exciting.
For her wedding, we chose a woodsy country glam theme. White roses, greenery, wood stumps with  metallic gold, gold glitter, black & white. It was simple but elegant at the same time. You seriously don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create the wedding of your dreams. All you need are some savvy ideas and a whole lot of work! Don't worry though, it will be worth it. My wedding series is going to show you how to plan your own wedding and how to plan it quickly for those brides who want to get married in about 2 months! It can be done and it can be gorgeous! So let's kick off the Vintage Romance Wedding Series with a DIY Heart Stump wedding cake stand. One of my favorite details of the entire wedding.

Tree logs
A man who likes to cut wood, unless you like to!

1. Find some cut down trees with the type of bark that you want. Remember, different trees have very different bark. I will update with the type of wood that I used as soon as I ask my dad.

2. Cut a piece of the log with the height that you want. Take into consideration the height of your table. You want to be able to reach your cake.

3. Once it is cut with a level top and bottom, take the chain saw and etch out the shape of the heart.

4. Once the outline of the heart is done, take your little router and chip out the bark inside of the heart, then smooth it out until you can see the pretty wood.

5. Sand the top of the stump and you are done!

P.S. You can even use a wood burner and burn the bride and grooms name in the heart with the date or leave it as is. This heart was too perfect so I decided not to take a chance of messing it up.

6. Place a paper doily on top of the stump and set your cake on it and enjoy!

I will be sharing the entire table set up in this series too! Have you ever created your own cake stand?


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