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Fixer Upper Inspired Kitchen Menu and Apron Organizer

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Do you ever feel like you are scrambling to figure out what to eat for dinner? I especially have to come up with something fast when it's soccer practice nights. It always seems like the time flies during the day and before I know it, the kids need to be fed, soccer gear found and put on and we only have 30 minutes to do it all before we are late. Sounds stressful right? Well it is!

I got to thinking... there has to be a way to organize my life just a little better. As I'm going through the last year of my 20's, one of my goals is to simplify and organize my home so that I feel like I have time to breathe and relax at night. I want to be fully prepared for the next day so that the mornings are a breeze. I also want to be fully prepared for the evenings when dinner and homework demand my attention. Lately, I realized that if I really put a little effort into pre-planning, my life would be so much easier! No more scrambling around and being late. Well I hope my running behind situation can be helped. We'll just have to wait and see!

Since I knew I wanted to create a solution for my evening stress with three hungry children and husband, I envisioned a cute little chalkboard in my kitchen that even had a place for my daughters' aprons for when they help me cook. There wouldn't be anymore guessing when it came to what's for dinner and I could mentally prepare and even pull out whatever I needed to in the morning to prepare for it. Since I would be using a piece of birch plywood I wanted to come up with a creative way to attach some crown molding pieces to it without having to use glue or nails. So while browsing Walmart one day in the craft section, which I do often, I came across the perfect solution. Scotch® Brand Permanent Mounting Tape. Scotch® Brand has a ton of supplies that are perfect to create things with. From masking tape to spray adhesives there are so many options to chose from. Another amazing craft product that I use is Command™ Brand. You can use them to add hooks for organizing or hang pictures without poking a bunch of holes in the wall with all of their damage free hanging solutions that hold strong and come off clean. Now,  let's get started and I'll show you how you can simplify motherhood or just life in general!

2x2 piece of birch plywood
8ft piece of wood crown molding
black chalkboard spray paint
gray chalk paint or choice of color
small paint brush
chalk & chalk pen
saw to cut molding
Scotch® Brand Permanent Mounting Tape
Clear Command™ Hooks
Command™ Picture Hanging for 16lbs
drop cloth to keep your work area clean

1. Spray paint the entire 2x2 board. I did 2 coats and let completely dry.

2. Take a piece of chalk and rub it over the entire board. Then wipe it completely off. This cures it so that whatever you write on it won't stay imprinted in the chalkboard.
3. Cut your molding in 2 ft. pieces. You can fit them however you want on the board. As for me, I had to cut the 4th piece shorter to fit into the 2 side pieces. I actually recommend that if you are skilled, cut them at 45 degree angles to create the perfect frame. I just didn't have any extra pieces to practice on.

4. Paint the molding pieces the color of your choice. I chose a gray washed look.
5. Grab your Scotch® Brand Permanent Mounting Tape and cute into 3 small pieces for each side.
6. Peel off one side and stick to the back of the molding. Then peel off the other side and place onto the 2x2 one side at a time.

7. Paint your Command™ Hooks with the same paint so that they will blend into the frame. Let dry completely.

8. Place the Command™ Picture Hanging strips to the back just like you did with the molding frame by pressing down. Then after it is attached to the chalkboard, press it to the wall. After you do that, press your hooks onto the front lower right of the frame. Hang your aprons after the suggested time and you are done!

It even matches my new black velvet tufted chairs.

So, now that I have this weeks menu written out, the kids love to look and see what dinner will be for that night just like it's hot lunch menu at school. They rarely get hot lunch at school so this is fun for them too. With the chalkboard I can write out all of the meal planning menu that goes with what groceries I actually have on hand and just choose one off of the list. I will be planning out the entire month and then writing the weekly menu on the chalkboard to keep it simple. I can also add my grocery list too. This is going to be my kitchen hub and small command center. I'll be showing you later the easy way to add a grocery list to a chalkboard and how I'm going to tackle mean planning.

Organization doesn't have to be drab. It can be exactly your style and be functional. It can also act as décor too.  Life is a little easier when we plan ahead and get organized and I'm planning on using even more Scotch® items to help me get  this crazy thing called motherhood in order and keep my sanity at the same time too!

How to do you plan your meals? Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal or do you roll out a monthly plan? I'd love to know what's working for your family.

You can get even more inspiration on Pinterest and from Scotch® Brand

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Courtney Caligiuri said...

Your menu board looks GORGEOUS in your kitchen. My daughter and I both have our own aprons as well, and this would be perfect for us. Thank you for sharing your creative idea! :) #client