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The Truth About the World my Children are Growing up in

Have you seen what has been flooding our Facebook feeds lately? From the Target bathroom and dressing room situation to Beyoncé's Lemonade (which I haven't actually watched because she doesn't deserve my attention) our entire daily social media is filled with feuding about differences of opinions and morals. Everything is in chaos. Every opinion is viewed as wrong. No one is "right" even though there CLEARLY is a right side. There is so much hate. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Do we not see that what is currently going on in the world is affecting and shaping our children's futures? WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Why is it that if  Christians stand up for what we believe in and clearly the Bible states ( which is the direct word from God himself) then we are deemed hateful and not like Christ? If I remember correctly, Jesus himself didn't put up with nonsense. He called people out. He wasn't well liked. Why do people twist our words to make us look hateful? God is LOVE but God doesn't love SIN! Let me be clear, I DO NOT want a man in the bathroom with my 7 and 3 year old daughter. I don't care what you look like. There are no gray areas in the bible and you can't pick and choose what the scriptures mean. The sin is the war that we are waging over. It's just sin and it comes straight from the enemy. He twists our thoughts and minds. So that same enemy that taints our thoughts will tempt a grown man to go into the girl's bathroom and sneak some peeks. NOT OK. I don't even want to give that pervert a chance.

I care for every soul on this earth. I care about where they will spend their eternity. The world our children are living in today is watering down sin. Making them think that they can do whatever they want and people will have to accept their actions. That it's cool if they like the same sex. They are almost even pushed to think that's how it should be. They are constantly having race issues brought up and having to be "politically correct" on the playground because holy moly someone might tell on them for not accepting this corrupt world.

Where I live, my school district just changed their dress code. All ages and sexes including kindergarten are allowed to wear dresses, long hair and earrings. Everything is gender neutral now. I had to sit my children down and explain to them what they will be seeing at school and how to handle it. I told them that we do not accept what the enemy is trying to do but we still will be nice to people and NEVER make fun of them. Do the schools not understand that bullying is going to increase by a mile and bullying leads to suicides. I've heard of elementary kids committing suicide! What child should think that way? They shouldn't because the enemy is a liar. It's the world that is feeding them poison. A child sees through innocent eyes until they are tainted.

I am so fired up about this world my children are growing up in. Race is an issue, gender is an issue, perverts are an issue, safety is an issue. What happened to playing hopscotch with chalk out on the sidewalk on a Saturday morning with neighborhood friends? What happened to trust? Everything they are dealing with is tainted and it breaks my heart. They will never truly know a good old fashioned summer. One without technology and hate. They will never know what it's like to walk a mile to a friends house just to play because someone will call CPS or they could picked up by human traffickers. They will never know what their food is like without all the chemicals and GMO. They will never know what it's like to not have to deal with bullies at school or get made fun of because they are sheltered and still innocent in their minds.

This world, this hateful world, is only going to get worse so how do we instruct our kids to deal with these horrid situations? Everything they are learning now is forming who they are as adults and these kids of today are the people who will have opinions and fight for what they believe in  the future. My answer is PRAYER and  a lot of it. Yes, we have the power to fight for our morals on this earth but God is the one that can change it. Remember  prayer changes everything and faith can move mountains.

I am going to do my best to teach my children how to deal with the world by teaching them the importance of prayer. The importance of faith. The importance of how BIG God truly is. After that, it is up to God to guide them. I want to teach them that there still is some good in the world and they can be the good too. Random acts of kindness. Serving not demanding.

So with the world trying to taint their innocent hearts and feeding them poisonous lies we will fight to our death to keep them on the right track with an ear to hear and an eye to see. It will never be about race or gender, it will always be about the battle of sin. My children may never know the good old days, but they WILL know the love of God. That's a fact.

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Freedom of and from religion said...

Deleting my subscription to your blog. You can have your opinions and beliefs, but you shouldn't try to impose your religious beliefs on others. That is the meaning of separation of church and state.