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How to start and grow vegetable plants from seeds

Have you ever tried to grow your own food in your garden? Or how about just randomly planting a few store bough veggie plants somewhere straight into the ground in your backyard with  hopes that they would grow something? At my previous home, before we sold it, I had planted some fruit trees, a grape bush and veggie plants and they were just starting to really take off when we signed on the dotted line and the sold sign went up. I will never get to eat the fruit of my labor and it makes me sad. My husband tells me that those aren't my plants anymore but I did love them. Heck I started my pomegranate tree from a clearance almost dead plant from Walmart and I proudly nursed it back to life. After it grew big and strong, I planted it in the ground. Our dwarf apple tree was about to yield it first real crop last September too. I know, how silly of me to miss those trees, but I do. I miss the yard and the memories. Even with being in a brand new home, there is something about your first home that will always have a place in your heart, no matter how many things needed to be fixed there.

This new yard is probably 1/3 of what we had at our last home. We chose bigger home over bigger yard. This leaves me with the frustration of being a plant lover and not having the flower bed space to plant everything on my wish list. I have to be extremely strategic in my choices and not everything can be chosen for a spot in the yard. Even though my wish list is plentiful, I know for sure that I want to plant some yummy, colorful veggies. I buy so many every two weeks, that I think that it's time again for me to try my hand at home grown. A raised garden bed is on my TO-DO list for this summer so this project will hopefully motivate me to get it done. I want to be able to teach my children how to garden and where their food comes from. So let me show you how I'm trying to start my garden from seeds instead of buying store bought plants. Yes, it would be so much easier, but this way, I can get more plants for less money and I can be extra proud if they grow big and strong.

Plastic cups
Bag of soil
Sharpie or paint pen
A little hand shovel

1. Start out my snipping the bottom edge of the cup in a could places with the scissors. This will allow the soil to drain.

2. Grab your sharpie and paint pen and label the cups. I labeled 4 for each veggie.

3. Fill each cup with soil.

4.Water each cup moistening the soil.

5. Line up all of the cups in your box and plant a few seeds in each cup. Not every seed will always sprout so it's better to have a few extra seeds in each cup just in case.

6. Place in the sunshine.

Be sure to keep the soil moist and you can even cover them saran wrap to keep the moisture in and heat them up like a little green house. TIP: to keep them moist, use a spray bottle to spray the water on the soil.

I am going to let them germinate for 7-10 days and I will let you guys know how they are doing!

Are you motivated to grow your own food? I also planted a pumpkin plant for my kids to pick and carve for Halloween. We'll see how much they will grow! I will keep you updated.

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