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My Pillow Secret: 24 Boho + Farmhouse Pillows Under $6

If you didn't already know, I have a major thing for pillows. I collect them and rotate them around the house for different seasons and to create a new look in a room. It's my thing and it makes me really happy! Also, it is such an easy way to change the feel of a room and freshen up a space instantly and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Want to know my secret? I buy really inexpensive home décor pillow cases from Amazon and cover thrift store pillows, ugly clearance pillows or pillows that I already have! So you can get a whole new look for just a few bucks. Simple as that! I've scoured Amazon to find the perfect pillows for you so that you didn't have to. Today, I'm sharing 24 of my favorite pillow cases ranging from $2 to $6 on Amazon!

The next three are a little more than $6 but they were too cute not to include!

If you don't have any pillow inserts, here is link to one!

Which one is your favorite? I want to order them all!

*All of these pillows include affiliate links. With every new pillow, you help decorate your home on a budget and it helps keep Vintage Romance Style creating tutorials! Thanks so much! You can find a copy of my disclosure policy on my "about" page.

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