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DIY Fixer Upper Inspired Botanical Prints with Free Printables

 If you're like me and a whole lot of other women in the United States, you're obsessed with the brilliantly simple interior designs of Joanna Gaines. Who knew that old beat up stuff and white shiplap walls would become an all out craze!? Neutral colors, natural elements and flea market finds are an easy way to get the same look.  I love to scroll Pinterest to get inspired and try and figure out how I can recreate some things my own way and for a little cost. Personally I absolutely love live plants in my home paired with neutrals,  so botanical prints absolutely fit my style! Today I'm showing you how I created these 11x14 prints matted in a 16x20 frame for $40 for everything!!

For a little while now, I have been searching for something that is not only simple but elegant, beautiful and wouldn't cost me and arm and a leg to replace my mirror wall with. For me, my style is always evolving and as I'm approaching 30, I want my home to feel more put together. Don't worry, my mirror wall will end up somewhere else. I still love all of them!

Simplicity is my goal and my word for 2016. I want to simplify my home and my schedule and I love how simple these botanical prints are.

Now, let's get down to the details...

I found the 16x20 frames at a little boutique sale at a friends home for $10. You can find similar ones at Michael's when they go on sale or clearance or look for some at yard sales or thrift stores.

I got the 16x20 mattes that hold 11x14 prints at Michaels for  $6.99 each plus I used coupons.

I found the  4 FREE botanical prints on an amazing website called that has a little over 50 prints to choose from provided by Peter H. Raven Library/Missouri Botanical Garden.

Go HERE and on the left side there will be a little box names "Pages."
Scroll down to "Plate 1" and that will be the first botanical picture. All of the "plates" are photos.
Go through them  and choose the 4 that you love. I will look up the 4 that I used and add them here.
Instructions to download images from
  • First select the image you want to download so that it appears on the screen.
  • Click on the symbol from the right-hand menu.
  • This will bring up a new window that will have these icons in the upper left-hand corner: . Clicking on the different sizes will increase or decrease the image size.
  • Once you have selected the image size you want to download, right-click on the actual image you want to download and choose the appropriate menu option to save the image to your local computer.
Once you have your 4 downloaded, send them to either Costco like me or a local printer. For an 11x14 at Costco it costs $3.99 and choose "lustre" so that they are not glossy and look professionally printed. JoJo herself sells her prints for $30 each!

I want to note that some prints have more of a pink/peach hue to the background so keep that in mine when selecting your prints. You may find some that you love and when you put them all together one will be more pink than the others. Just wanted to let you know so that you are aware!

If you want 8x10 prints you can print them at home on matte photo paper for free! That makes the project even cheaper. You can also use as many frames and prints as you want. 9 8x10 frames would be adorable too.

Oh and one more note: It was really difficult to photograph all of that glass. I have 2 huge sliding glass doors across from it so all of the sunlight is reflecting.


Unknown said...

Hi! So, you had 16 x 20 frames, 11 x 14 mats and 11 x 14 pictures? My question is, how did you get the tan and white border around the picture? Is the whole thing a mat, or it that a clear backed frame? The tan border looks like it perfectly matches the tan of the picture
Thank you!! Erica

EKinsey said...

I was wondering the same about the frame?, just stumbled across your post! Love the prints!