It's time to RISE up

My entire adult life I have felt different. Not because of the way that I look, but because I just know that there is something inside of me, placed by God that is unique. Now, I'm not in any way shape or form tryin to toot my own horn here or say that I'm special. It's something I can't even begin to describe. I know there are others like me out there, I have connected with a few, but it is so very hard for me to really open up to people without being deemed "weird," flat out crazy or oddly spiritual because they can't even wrap their mind around the way that my brain works or my heart feels. I don't even like the word spiritual because people have a misconception that it's hypocritical or fortune telling kind of yuck. Sound familiar to you?  Keep reading.

Remember all of the posts where I've been declaring that it was time for me to express who I am and what I believe all while doing DIY? Now more than ever, I believe it's time. It's time for me to be myself and take the time to teach you things that have been downloaded to me. I'm talking about Revelations!  It's time for myself and you to RISE up! We weren't meant to just live an average life and I want to start teaching you that you DO NOT have to!

Now, let me clarify, if you don't believe there is a God or Jesus isn't your Savior , that's OK, I still love you and you can skip this post and head on over to any DIY post of mine. 

Once a week I want to be able to just write. Informally. Like it's me and you hanging out chatting about God and His  crazy world. He isn't just some guy that sits on a throne in a throne room surrounded by angels and people worshiping Him for the end of time. He is a loving God that has a personality that cares about us, watches over us, sends angels to fight on our behalf and protect us. He cares about our feelings and desires and has HUGE plans for your life. It isn't until we recognize and get revelation of those things that we see our destiny start to manifest.

To be honest, I don't have an exact plan for this blog post. I'm letting the Holy Spirit lead because He always has something to say. This past week I received incredible revelation about God's unseen world. It was mind blowing and I honestly will never be the same. My entire mindset has changed. I have stepped into greater knowledge and I am fully ready and on fire to share what I am able to. I know I haven't eased you into who I am by giving you blog posts gradually but, why should I try to fit in with all of the other bloggers that are doing the same exact things!? I mean seriously!? I am in no way shape or form putting any of their very very hard work down. We work out tails off to succeed. I am just saying that when you look at pinterest, the same stuff is floating around and I just want to step outside of that box. Ya hear me? Ok good.

A little side note here, the enemy does not want me writing this. I am all of a sudden having a computer problems which I haven't had before. There are no "coincidences" in the Kingdom realm.

So it's time for me to reintroduce myself. Hi, I am Teryn Yancey. Believer of Jesus and a very Mighty God. I fully believe the Holy Spirit is my help. I plan on being the first ever Kingdom minded home décor blog. Not just a sweet Jesus believer and DIY blog like some out there but FULLY sharing with you how to put on your armour of God and fight supernaturally. There is power in the tongue and together we can RISE up and fight for our family and people in this world. It's time to stand up, declare, and appoint the angels.

God is saying it is time for dry bones to arise and be set on fire once again. Living water bring them to life for such a time as this. Use your mouth as a weapon. What you speak, so will be. Your words feed your heart. What is sown will grow, so what are you sowing?

Call me crazy but I believe every word in the bible and I am quickly learning that as we rise up, take a stance, we can make a difference. We can tear down strongholds and soul ties. There will be healing in the land and in our bodies. 

Want to know more? As words are downloaded to me I will be sharing. I am so very nervous and excited at the same time to begin doing whatever God has me doing. I do not have to "conform to the norm." When we realize who created us, we can start to accept ourselves for who we are and run with it. I am fully running now whether I like it or not. I'm stepping outside of the box and entering into Kingdom business.  Check back every Saturday for more! Until then remember to RISE UP & DECLARE WHAT YOU ARE BELIEVING FOR! IT'S MARCHING ORDERS!

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