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Complacency Determines Our Limitations

Our entire lives we are told to look but don't touch. Every aspect of our lives has predetermined limitations on it from the moment that we take our first breath. What if we are treating our relationship with God like that?  Admiring from afar. Looking but never tasting his goodness for ourselves. We spectate in church looking for someone to experience something so that we can see the goodness of God with our own eyes but never experiencing ourselves for the fear of  being embarrassed. We want it for other people to see that God is real but what about for ourselves? Are we so comfortable that we'd rather watch than experience? It's called Complacency. The church is complacent. Going along with what is working and comfortable...if it works why fix it?  God is saying that there are cracks in the surface waiting to burst open and expose the rot in the soil. Like a dead tree root pushing up on the pavement above. It will need to be extracted before the pavement can be repaved, made new and working just like it did before. The roots of the modern day church are rotting. If the roots are rotting in the soil where they were first planted then everything else about the tree will die. From the roots the trunk,  limbs and leaves find nourishment.

I encourage you to taste and see the goodness of the Lord for YOURSELF! Experience him. Listen. Seek. Encounter. There are so many layers to Him and we can seek and search all the days of our lives without ever knowing everything. That amazes me. It doesn't matter what you look or sound like when the glory hits you. Who cares!? That is between you and God and that is what is so special about it. Each encounter is a unique and a totally different experience EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Although, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, his works and miracles are never the same. They are made for each individual and situation. Isn't He amazing?

So today, commit to letting go of what other's think of you. Dance like never before, Sing like never before and enter into something greater than you ever imagined. A real relationship with God. With that you will let go of looking from afar and get to taste and see for yourself. With every single person that does, we can start to repair the roots. It starts with one person to claim freedom over that and it will be like a wave rushing over and penetrating the modern day church. That's my prayer.

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Thank you for the beautiful message.