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How to Create a Faux Mudroom Without Actually Having One for Back to School Organization

Back to school is less than 20 days away for my kids and I am in complete organization mode. Getting ready for back to school takes time, effort and planning on my end to make my kids' school mornings run smoothly. Having everything set up before school even starts sets you and your children up for a successful year and that makes my heart happy to see them succeed.

I believe organization in certain places of your home  is crucial when it comes to their school life. Kids bring home a zillion papers every year and they get lost in the all the other papers piled on the kitchen counter. Then they don't get signed  and the kids have to miss out on things in the classroom or you completely forget about an event. Mom fail number one. Or, what about missing shoes, backpacks, folders or umbrellas? That makes you 15 minutes late for school all the time because the kids throw their things wherever because they don't have a designated place for their them and you are running around frantic yelling at them to hurry up. Mom fail number two. Trust me, I've been there and done that so many times! Especially the shoes. After so many times I got fed up and decided that I had to do something about it. I had to create some type of "mud room" area in my home even when I don't have one and a space that my kids would actually use.

Today I want to break down my progress on my own faux "mud room" that is making my mornings more manageable.
1. Find the space. It doesn't have to be big. Pick either a spare coat closet by the front door or your entry way. Now I know what you're thinking... clutter by the front door. You can create an organized and stylish space, so don't fret! I chose my coat closet by the front door so that I am able to close the door if I need to hide anything.

2. A way to hang up back packs and coats. You can use hooks or a coat tree. My kids know which hook is theirs and they know to hang up everything when they get home.

3. A place for shoes. My kids also know this big time. Shoes go on the shelves in the closet!

4. Baskets for hats, gloves and umbrellas.

5. A bulletin board for putting important papers on display. You could even put up a family calendar there also. Every time I go in the closet to straighten up I look at my little bulletin area and check all the papers. Also, when the kids come home from school and give me papers, I immediately hang them up there.

6. A little rug to make it stylish and feel warm and inviting.

7. Optional, a little bench or hall tree for the kids to sit on while putting on their shoes.

So now that we have those easy steps covered, let's take a look at  3 different mood boards that I created from Wayfair. I wanted to be able to show you different looks and ways to get the same organization that your kids will love.

#1 Hall tree organization. The kids will be able to hang their backpacks and coats on the hall tree hooks. Their shoes go in the cubbies. Total 2 for 1! The baskets are for hats, gloves ect. The pillow and rug make it feel like home and the cork board allows you to pin up important papers. Keep in mind that halls trees come in all different colors and sizes to fit any space. I actually just added one to my entry way and LOVE it! It needs a paint job though and hopefully I can tackle it as soon as I can decide on a color.

Andora Wood Veneer Entryway Hall Tree with Storage Bench

#2. Shoe shelf credenza. I LOVE this shoe storage. It is so stylish and you would never know that there are shelves in there made specifically made for shoe organization. This also goes with any style. Modern or farmhouse! Next to the shoe storage, you can place the coat tree to hang backpacks and jackets. Place the baskets on top of the shoe storage stand and you can place folders, hats, gloves and small umbrellas. Create a gallery wall above the shoe storage using the cork board and family calendar. Remember, stylish and functional. This cute rug ties it all together too.

Baxton Studio Fernanda 3 Door Entryway Shoe Storage Cabine

#3 Console table organization.  The setup would be just like #2. Line up the kids' shoes on the bottom shelf. Place the storage basket on the floor next to the console table for accessories. Create the organizational gallery wall above and then you are able to add some home décor on top of the console table. A vase with fresh flowers, picture frames, and lanterns.

Halesly Console Table

One more option, you can swap out the console table and add a storage bench to throw shoes in and for the kids to sit on.

See how easy that could be? You can also turn things into organizational items too just like me. I actually used a book shelf in my closet for the kids to line their shoes up on and then placed baskets on top of the bookshelf for all of the hats, scarves, gloves and umbrellas.

By setting up a functional space like these, you will no longer have to throw things all around the house to find that one shoe or paper! When you are organized it makes every morning less stressful and there will be less melt downs.

Get the kids up, dressed, breakfast, lunches made, teeth brushed, they then can head to the "faux mud room" to grab what they need and out the door you go!

Now if only it could be that easy everyday and no one is upset because their socks are too lumpy or they don't like the shirt they have on!

So, which option would you try? The hall tree, shoe credenza or console table? Would you try it in a closet or entry way?

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